Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl, Meh: Thoughts, Picks and Predictions

(Meh. Haven't we seen this game already a few years ago?)
As a Redskins fan I really don't care that much about this game. I don't want the Giants to win this game, nor do I want the Patriots to win either. I guess if I have to pick a team it would be the Patriots for two reasons. First, the Giants are an NFCE rival and I frankly don't want to hear about them being Super Bowl champs all off-season. Second, the Giants played like crap during a large portion of the season (and for any Giants fan that wants to tell me about how great the Giants are this year, let me remind you that my 'Skins swept you this season). Granted, they played well in the post-season, but they looked just horrid at points at 2011. So much so, that Tom Coughlin was again on the hot seat for his coaching job (although it's worth mentioning he's been on the hot seat since 2007).

As for the Patriots, I do have respect for what Belichick and Tom Brady has done for this organization but it's hard to root for this team even though they are acting like the underdogs this time around. I still remember the Patriots of prior years that ran up scores on teams after they have clearly won the game. Both are going to the Hall of Fame one day, but none of that makes me want to support the Patriots banner today.

So will I still be watching the game? You bet. It's almost required viewing even though I don't have much of an interest. It gives us a chance to have a few friends over, make some food and have a good time. It also bids farewell to the 2011 season and starts the best part of the year for Redskins fans: off season.The point in the year where we hope we can finally get the pieces in place to start winning. I swear the draft at times is my favorite part of the entire football year.

So will this be a good Super Bowl year? I'm not sure. I've already talked about my thoughts on the game and I'll go into a bit more detail when I make my pick. So what can make this a good Super Bowl? How about the half-time show? Well, the good news is that it isn't the Black Eyed Peas this year. The bad news is that it's Madonna. I get Black Eyed Peas in a sense because most stadiums play at least one of their songs during a game. Their music is generally up beat, high tempo and non-offensive so I get it. Madonna makes no sense to me. I can't think of football fans being that hyped up to see an aged Madonna trying to dance without breaking a hip......but maybe that's me.

I still wonder if Metallica or AC/DC has been offered to play?

As to the game. It's another rematch between Brady and the Giants D-line. Can Brady get the ball off before he get leveled. If he can it will be a very long day for the G-Men; if he can't Brady will need help getting up by the end of the day. On the other side of the ball it really depends on Eli Manning. If Manning is playing like an elite QB, it is damn near impossible to stop him. If he makes mistakes, the Giants will have to depend on good routs run by Victor Cruz and some semblance of a run game.

In the end, I think the Giants have taled all week and have underestimated the Patriots. I like the Pats to win 31-24.

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