Monday, March 19, 2012

All Apologies and Prolonging the Magic

Dear Readers of IIWII,
I just haven't been writing that much lately which has saddened me because one of the things that I have been most proud when doing this blog is providing a large amount of content for fellow fans of the Redskins and what ever else moves me to write about (although let's be honest.... it's been mostly Redskins for most of IIWII's tenure).

There are reasons....some of it is job related (I've been exhausted for the past few months). Although the major problem is that I've just haven't been in the mood to write. At times I get flashes of inspiration. Lately, I've been wanting to write about how much of a dip**** Roger Goodell has become as the NFL commissioner  and how the NFL is ruining the game that so many players and owners fought to make the greatest sport in the world (or at least the U.S.). But when I sit down at the goes away.

What I don't want IIWII to become is a third hand site at breaking news. I don't want to report a signing or a trade that has already been reported on PFT via Jay Glazer or Adam Schefter. Nor, do I want to give you news that you can find everywhere else. Then why come here......know what I mean? And that's the problem. That's where I've felt I've gone down a few times and I don't like it.

IIWII has been here because I felt like throwing out some ideas and opinions of a die hard Redskins fan who likes other stuff...... I've been doing it for three years now and I think I'm in bit of a rut.

Listen, there are plenty of Redskins blogs out there. Some I like a lot, some not so much but you can find most of the news on those blogs just as mine. So, why do you want to read IIWII? Content. And I hope to take a deep breath come up with some ideas and throw them out there like I have before.

Thanks again for reading.......

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