Monday, March 26, 2012

NFL/Redskins/Fans Will have a Busy March/April

The off-season never gets old when it comes to Redskins fans and this off-season won't be any different. Currently, the owners are meeting to discuss changes in rules that may or may not benefit the game. This may be a more important meeting than ever with both the Redskins and the Cowboys filing a grievance against the NFL and NFLPA for the bogus cap hit for restructuring contracts in 2010 (my thoughts on that later). Anyway, here is a list of key dates through May for events taking place throughout the spring that NFL fans and especially Redskins fans might want to watch as we get closer to the 2012 NFL season.

March 26-28th (Palm Beach, Fl.): NFL Owner's Meeting- Rule changes primarily discussed. Compensatory draft picks are determined.

March 28 (?): Compensatory draft picks are awarded and announced. I think the 'Skins may get something for the loss of Carlos Rogers in 2011.

March 31st: Jon Gruden's QB camp begins with Andrew Luck (7 PM EST, ESPN)

April 2nd: NFL/Nike to release new Nike NFL jerseys, which may reveal new logos, color schemes and alternative jerseys. Don't expect too many drastic changes to the Redskins, but maybe a few subtle tweaks to the overall look.

April 2nd: Jon Gruden's QB camp with Robert Griffin III (9 PM EST, ESPN). Expect to be wowed again.

April 2nd: New NFL coaches can start their off-season workouts. No effect to the Redskins or the NFCE.

April 16th: Off-season workouts begin for the Redskins (Ashburn, Va)

April (TBD): 2012 Pre-season and 2012 regular season schedules will be released. Expect pre-season schedule to be released first, then about a week later the regular season schedule. This usually occurs the week before the draft but may be released during the week of the draft.

April 26th: NFL Draft Day 1 (Round 1) Coverage on ESPN and NFLN. RG32DC!!!!!

April 27th: NFL Draft Day 2 (Rounds 2-3) Coverage on ESPN and NFLN. Redskins to pick in 3rd round.

April 28th: NFL Draft Day 3 (Rounds 4-7) Coverage on ESPN and NFLN. Redskins with 5 picks as of this posting.

April 28th (?): Redskins Draft Day Party (FedEx Field). Good bet that RG3 will be there.

April 28th: Undrafted Rookie Free Agents can be signed once draft ends.

May 16th: 1st time 2012 draft picks and UDFA can participate in OTAs, off-season workouts etc. (except for an allowed 3 day mini-camp that must happen within 15 days after the draft).

May 21-23rd: NFL League Meetings.

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