Monday, April 30, 2012

And Now The Waiting Game......

With The Draft over now comes the hardest part of the year for a football fan.....

Waiting until late July/early August for training camp to start. Sure, there's a rookie mini-camp coming this Friday. We might get to see a photo or some video of Robert Griffin III throwing a football in a practice jersey. We might hear about a undrafted rookie or veteran working out for the team, but that'll be about it.

There will be OTAs, workouts and a mini-camp for the entire team but we'll learn very little from those events.
The 'Skins will probably sign a few more players and possibly cut a couple with possible names being mentioned like Tim Hightower, Jabar Gaffney and Santana Moss. But none of them will give us any clue about the 2012 team or how they'll do when the season gets here.

It's because of this hiatus that makes us miss football. So much so, that we'll be clamoring for every and any update when camp starts and watch the first week of pre-season with a crazed fervor (until we realize how boring and annoying pre-season really is).

So find some footage of RGIII's Baylor games, Roy Helu's highlights and Leonard Hankerson's game vs. Miami and be ready to wear out those clips because nothing will be happening for the next three months or so.

And keep it tuned to IIWII. I have plenty of stuff to write about from last year, including a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Army/Navy Game and some other thinks that I can think of writing. While many football sites shut it down, I'll actually be trying to get back to my form from 2009/2010 when I was doing almost daily posts on the site.

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