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Thoughts on Redskins Day 2 Draft Pick

Who is this guy?

First things first, the Redskins drafted Robert Griffin III on day one of the 2012 draft......

.....and I really didn't write anything about it.

The reasons are simple. He was the right choice that we knew that the Redskins would take almost two months ago when they made the trade with the Rams. Only a slightly off-kilter and twitter cryptic Jim Irsay (owner of the Colts) made fans think otherwise. Irsay was just milking the #1 overall pick as long as he could (understandable I guess) but in the end RGIII is coming to DC.

Look, there has been tons of analysis and articles on Griffin and I will have him in my re-cap of the draft and as much as possible as we go forward but there is really no reason to do an analysis on Day 1 for the 'Skins. I've wanted RGIII for months now. So has most of the Redskins fan base. So much so, that I didn't even do a IIWII Consensus Draft Pick for 2012. It was Griffin and all of Redskins Nation was in agreement on the pick.

Ok, on to Day 2.
I'll be honest, in my opinion I saw the Redskins taking a CB in round three. Matter of fact I saw the Redskins targeting Dwight Bentley or Brandon Boykin. If they weren't there, then I thought OT was the way to go with Bobbie Massie or Zebrie Sanders. All four players were on the board at 69. I was ecstatic.

Then the Redskins traded out to the Bills......
Now, I'm frantic. Where did they move to? What did they get? Did they move completely out of round three? Nope, they moved back two spots and picked up a 7th rounder - #217 overall (which is about right when looking at the trade value chart. Pick #69 is worth 245pts, #71 is worth 235pts and #217 is worth 4.6 pts).

The Redskins select OG, Josh Leribeus SMU.

My first thought was "who the hell is this guy?". He wasn't on my radar at all. So obviously I go to try and find out info. on him. CBS had very little. NFL Draft Countdown had nothing on him outside of being listed as a late round/free agent prospect. Walter Football gave the Redskins a D grade (although admitting that the pick filled a need) and had a brief blurb about his senior season and that he was an ideal player in a Zone Blocking Scheme (ZBS) which is what the Redskins primarily run with Mike Shanahan.

Wes Bunting of National Football Post felt that the Redskins reached on him but thought he could be a average starter in the NFL. At worst a career backup. NFL Network's Mike Mayock liked him and based on this report by Emmanual Benton on Rant Sports, Mayock wasn't the only scout who liked him. Also worth noting is that ESPN's Todd McShay had Leribeus going to the Redskins in his 7 round mock....just in the 7th round.

Here's CSN Washington's (and one of my favorite analysts) Trevor Mattich on Leribeus

What it looks like is this:
Positives- Nasty O-lineman who will do whatever it takes to make and finish his block. A scrappy guy who is out to prove himself. Is versatile and has been asked by many teams scouting him to take snaps at center. Thus he could be a good OG/C prospect. Can pull well and seems to be able to move players around to open lanes. After missing a year, lost 70 pounds and got into shape. Team leader and a bit of a character. Oh and he's a Texans fan and hates the Cowboys, can't go wrong there.

Negatives- average physical talent. Missed 2010 due towards academic ineligibility. Was up to 380lbs that year. Will he have weight issues like former OL Mike Williams? Limited play against top tier competition.

I don't know if I really like this move and yes, I think he may have been drafted higher than he should. But we don't know if another team like the Texans would have taken him a few picks later (they did take OG, Brandon Brooks 5 picks later at 76. Were the Texans targeting Leribeus?). Mike Shanahan has a certain body type and skill set for his OL in the ZBS. It is different than what say Joe Gibbs would look for, so it's hard to tell. Either way, we know that he'll compete with Kory Lichtensteiger, Chris Chester, Maurice Hurt and Erik Cook for playing time.

Here's some more on Leribeus, so make your own conclusions and leave a comment below on what you think about the Redskins choice at #71.

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