Sunday, May 13, 2012

80th Anniversary and The 2012 Throwback Jerseys

(This is the 80th Anniversary Throwback and I want one! Photo by Ned Dishman/
The big news coming out of Redskins park this week was the plans for the 80th anniversary celebration for the Redskins. This included the reveal of the 80th anniversary logo, the plans for the regular season, this current off-season and an alternate/throwback uniform that will be worn at least twice at home this year. The 'Skins also officially showed off the indoor practice facility (or what we all like to call the bubble or the dome).

Here's a picture of the 80th anniversary logo (from the Redskins facebook page):

More or less the Redskins are bringing back their "Greatest Redskins" theme that they used during the 70th anniversary (I was able to attend that game Colts/Redskins back in 2002 that halftime presentation was awesome and the 'Skins beat the Peyton Manning led Colts that night). This year 10 more Redskins will be added to the list and unlike the 70th Greatest players, fans will be the ones choosing the new members of this group at this website ( Sean Taylor and Darryl Grant are two players in particular that I'm campaigning for. There's some more stuff, but we'll get to the most important thing that fans tend to care about.....the jersey.

As you can see in the top photo, the jersey is a throwback to the 1937 season when the Redskins came to DC. Fitting they pick a jersey for the year the Redskins drafted what is arguably the Redskins greatest player in QB Sammy Baugh. Hmmm...I wonder if they went this way because they drafted some guy named Griffin who much like Baugh may change they way we see the game played. Nah, just a coincidence. We've actually seen this uniform used before as a throwback by the Redskins. However, there is a unique difference in this uniform vs. the one used in the 90's and that would be the helmet. The 2012 helmet is a modernized homage to the old leather helmet used back in the classic eras of the NFL. It is an interesting look, that looks like real leather. But I'm not sure I'm digging it because I am a fan of shiny helmets. my favorite helmet I've seen recently was Oregon's chrome helmet from this past Rose Bowl.

But let's see how this looks when the games are played. So when will we get to see these uniforms? Well, the Redskins have mentioned that the uniforms will be seen in two home games. One will most likely be against the Panthers on November 4th. That is 2012's Homecoming game which will feature an alumni parade and probably the official ceremony for the 80th Greatest Redskins. The other game is unknown but my guess is that it will be against an NFCE opponent possibly the Giants on MNF. No word on if/when the Redskins will be releasing the throwback jersey for sale but if they have one for London Fletcher I may have to consider getting one. No one is more old school than #59.

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