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May 10th an Important Day for Redskins, Redskin Fans

(Could this be the uniform for the 80th anniversary throwbacks? Maybe in Burgundy?)

Mark your calendars for May 10th.

There are two very important things taking place on that day for the Redskins. One is fan related, the other is team related and critical for the Redskins for 2012 and 2013. Let's talk about the most important one first.

1.  Salary Cap Arbitration: The Redskins and the Cowboys will have a chance to be heard by law professor Stephen Burbank to address the issue of the Redskins being penalized $36 million dollars over two seasons (Dallas $10 million). This is because of a Roger Goodell backed penalty that during the uncapped year both teams violated the "spirit of the Salary Cap". A mythological entity that goes along with Leprechauns, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and a Lombardi trophy that has the name Philadelphia on it. More or less I have tried not to say much on the topic (at least on IIWII) because all I can think of writing to Commissioner Goodell and John Mara (owner of the Giants and head of the committee that made this ruling) is two words that starts with an F and ends with a U. Feel free to fill in the blanks for yourselves.

Based on what I have read and what I've heard from both sides, it's hard to say the NFL has much of a case here. The only way I can see them winning is that the arbitrator rules that either a) the Redskins can't call for arbitration because it's not a player issue but a NFL/NFL team issue and that doesn't fall in the realm for arbitration or b) the NFLPA signed off on the deal and thus the 'Skins can't argue for arbitration because it's a team penalty issue. Outside of that, the NFL has no case. They are penalizing two teams who did the same thing that many of the other NFL teams did during the uncapped year. While some teams spent under what was 2009's salary floor, the Redskins re-structured deals that made them spend above the 2009 salary cap. But who cares..... 
Nor, were there rules in spending or not spending in the uncapped year. The NFL argues that they gave verbal warnings to teams multiple times to not overspend in 2010, yet nothing was ever written (at least we have not heard of any internal memos of such- and if they did, then they violate the previous CBA). Both contracts that were renegotiated and are the cause of the issue (DeAngelo Hall, Albert Haynesworth) but both contracts were approved by the NFL and the Commissioner. Also, this ruling comes into the new CBA and is what many call an Ex Post Facto agreement (or in my poor Latin- After The Fact). Most Ex Post Facto additions to contracts are not considered valid.
I just can't see how the Redskins don't win this unless the arbitrator believes that he can't make a ruling because this case doesn't fall in his purview.
Then, the Redskins could sue the hell out of the NFL which could get very nasty. Why? Well, the NFLPA will be watching and if any evidence comes out about collusion or anti-trust violations they can sue the NFL and possibly the federal government could get involved.

Ok, enough of me playing a lawyer on TV based on what I've read from the media and my weak knowledge of law (and order).

2. The Redskins 80th Anniversary Announcement: The Redskins will announce their plans to celebrate the franchise's 80th anniversary. This will include an unveiling of an alternative home jersey that the Redskins may wear twice this season. Rumor is that it's not a new look but a throwback look from a previous era. We've seen the return of the darker Burgundy and Gold jerseys and the spear helmets during the 70th anniversary. For the 75th anniversary, we saw a return of the R logo helmet. We've even seen the very classic 1937 look back in the 90's for the NFL's 75th anniversary. My guess is that we'll see the return of the feather helmet with a burgundy jerseys and the gold (mustard) colored pants.

1994 NFL's 75th Anniversary Throwback
(Yes, that's Heath Shuler. He did exist and actually play in a game.)

- Darker Burgundy jersey compared to the modern jersey (which I believe is called Cardinal Red)
- Burgundy helmet with no logo and gold/yellow facemask
- Numbers in Gold with white trim
- Wore Gold pants with Burgundy jersey
- Redskins Chief logo on arm sleeves of jersey

2002 Redskins 70th Anniversary Throwback
- Burgundy jersey with Gold pants
- Helmet and arm sleeves with spear logo
- White and Gold stripes on arm sleeves
- Player name/numbers in white (no trim) on front, back and shoulders
- Helmet has a gray facemask

2007 Redskins 75th Throwback
(image via)

-Gold (really yellow) pants with white/red stripe
- White jersey with red numbers (no trim). Numbers on front, back and shoulders
- Gold (yellow) helmet with the R logo designed by Vince Lombardi
- Reminds me of Ronald McDonald for some reason
- Sadly, I own a LaRon Landry 75th ann. throwback.

2012(?????) Possible (??????) 80th Throwback (?????)
(image found on Extremeskins)
(image via)

- Burgundy jersey probably will be at home with the gold pants
- Note the feather helmet, we have yet to see this as a throwback helmet
- Numbers would be white (no trim?) and on front, back and arm sleeves
- Would love to see the stripe at the shoulders maybe in  white or gold

Also, expect some plans by the Redskins for the games itself including pre-game or halftime events, maybe giveaways at the door or somebody going into the Ring of Fame. I'm only guessing right now but that all makes sense in one way or another. I have heard that the throwbacks will not be ugly like the throwbacks the Steelers are putting out this year.
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