Friday, May 4, 2012

Rookie Mini-Camp Starts Today and You Won't Get to Watch it

Today (May 4th) through the 6th the Redskins will host a mini-camp for their newly drafted and undrafted rookies. I forget if younger players (like a Jarvis Jenkins who missed most of 2011 with a knee injury) or newly signed free agents can attend (kind of doubt it).

The big news is that you'll probably get to see Robert Griffin III don his first official Redskins uniform. Granted, it'll be a practice jersey but expect Redskin fans to lose it on some of the message boards with the mere site of RG3 in a Redskins uni.

In other meaningless news (unless you're ESPN's Skip Bayless who likes to stir up controversy so people will get irate and watch ESPN's First Take), Kirk Cousins will be there as well.....let the QB controversy in DC begin. Nobody has anything to talk about so they start up this crap. ESPN even tried to make it a racial issue because Griffin is black and Cousins is white. Unbelievable. I know ESPN likes to pump things up. They like to be controversial and shocking but did they really have to go there? Well, I guess we know Donovan McNabb has a job waiting for him if he ever thinks he can't play football anymore (actually, that was about three years ago).

While it's good for the Redskins to get to work with their rookies, as fans we won't be seeing any of it. These are practices so we're going to have to rely on whatever Redskins Nation will show (expect at least a segment with Larry Michael on the field would be my guess) or any footage that the local media can shoot ( like the players coming onto the field or warming up). After the mini-camp there will be some OTAs in May (21st, 23rd-24th, 29th-31st*) and June (4th-7th*) and a team mini-camp (June 12th-14*) and then football will pretty much be on hiatus until training camps open (no official dates have been released yet, but it seems likely that mid to late July start will be the case).

So enjoy what you can of this mini-camp now because in  less than two months football will be gone for at least a good month.

*OTA and Mini-Camp dates provided by Pro Football Talk

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