Saturday, May 5, 2012

So You Want to See More RGIII in Burgundy and Gold?

(Photo Brian Tinsman via Redskins Blog)

Well, after visiting here for awhile, head on over to the Redskins Blog for plenty of Robert Griffin III photos and coverage of the Redskins Mini-Camp.

In particular check out this post with RGIII in a photostream passing and here for some more video of the mini-camp.

One of the nice things about the Redskins Blog going back to it's originator Matt Terl, is that the blog has more access to things that regular media or amateur fan blogs (like this one) don't. So, you can watch some really cool things from time to time because the Redskins owned blog is showing you some stuff but keeping the prying eyes away from the stuff that needs to be kept secret (player/rookie development, game plans, strategy and practice). Brian Tinsman seems to be following the same path.

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