Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Wish the Thank You Tour Would Come to Maryland

(I would have loved to see this bus ride down Rt. 50 through Easton and Salisbury to Ocean City. image via)

The Redskins are currently doing their Thank You tour for the Redskin fans. It's a smart idea. Not only does it gives the 'Skins a chance to touch base with the fans, it also helps to promote the 80th anniversary celebration. You have to give GM Bruce Allen credit for his work since he's come to DC. Where Vinny Cerrato (and Dan Snyder) alienated many of the Redskins alumni and irritated the fans, Allen has worked hard to bring both back into the fold through inviting the alumni back to Redskins Park, improving FedEx Field and coming up with homecoming games.

I have only one complaint. Why isn't the tour coming to Maryland?

Despite what some people would like to tell you, Maryland is not all about the Ravens (Hon!). While the Eastern Shore has been converting towards Ravens (Hon!) territory, there are still a great deal of Redskin fans in this area. Heck, myself and Ray from The Son of Washington are in these parts.

I know, there's only so many places the Redskins could go in a few months but how cool would it have been to see that bus and somebody like "the man, the myth, the legend" Dexter Manley down in Ocean City?

Also, I'm convinced that if the Redskins can start winning again some of the "converted" Raven fans will be back on the Burgundy and Gold bandwagon. Yes, there are diehard Raven fans (IIWII's own Steeler Hater Dan is one of them) but there are some who just want to root for the winning home team whether they wear black and purple or Burgundy and Gold.

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