Sunday, June 3, 2012

IIWII is Back!!!!

I don't try to talk about my personal life much here, because that's not why you come to IIWII. You want to read about the Redskins and maybe some of the other topics I occasionally write about on the site. But in this case I figured I would share some of the reasons why I haven't been writing the blog as frequently as I have in the past.

First, I've been really busy with the real job. It's been hectic and when I come home all I've really wanted to do is crash, catch up on what's been going on with the 'Skins/NFL and maybe watch the Nationals play and then go to bed. Second, is that I was assigned a project at the real job that could only be done during the off hours of the business. So that meant staying late at work, coming in early or coming in during weekends/holidays to get the task at hand done. Third, is that I've been really, really irritated with the NFL this off-season. Not the 'Skins but the NFL as a whole. From idiotic rules, to Bountygate, to the BS last minute notifications that the Redskins and Cowboys were doing to lose cap money, to the pandering to John Mara and the Giants and to the pompous attitude by Commissioner Roger Goodell its been hard not to come on IIWII and write some of my most derogatory thoughts about that. I've definitely said some things on Twitter (@IIWIISkinsBlog) and while a few posts would be considered ranting, I think they were justified. I've also been waiting for a final resolution before writing about Capgate. Now that it looks like the Redskins will be screwed out of 36 million in cap space, I can make some final thoughts on the topic.

The good news is that, I should be back (hopefully) to a regular schedule (at least until the end of June) and I plan on doing a bunch of articles that will be on the site throughout the month.

June starts that dead period of football, so stop on by IIWII. I'll keep coming up with some things to keep you occupied until training camp gets here.

Thanks for reading and spread the word.

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