Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Football Preview Magazines Not Buying Redskins Resurgence

One good thing comes in these months where there's no football (at least padded football with hitting) or draft to obsess over..... FOOTBALL PREVIEW MAGAZINES!!!!!!

These are always fun to read because they give you a bit of a head's up on other team's rosters, fantasy football and other stuff you can debate about with your friends or people on facebook or Twitter. Of course, they generally aren't up to date on anything that happens much after the draft (for example Chad Ochocinco is still a proud member of the Patriots in these publications) but it's a decent reference if you don't know about a few teams, want to find out more about some 2nd or 3rd stringers in the pre-season and want a few guesses on what the football experts think about the upcoming season.

Anyway, I bought two of these magazines the other day and while I don't want to reveal which ones they are or everything they had to say about the Redskins (because, I don't like being sued). Here's what they thought about the Redskins in 2012.

Last Place

Yeah, sorry. They both thought the Redskins would be last place. Although both mentioned that they would be better than previous years and that there was a chance that the Redskins could be one of the surprise teams neither considered the Redskins good enough to better the Eagles, Giants or Cowboys. They didn't think that the Colts would be much improved with Andrew Luck if that helps.

Other things worth noting:

- They both liked the Eagles to win the NFCE.

- Although neither had any team from the NFCE going deep into the playoffs.

-Both seem to think that Peyton Manning will be back to his true form but he won't be leading the Broncos to a Super Bowl.

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