Monday, June 4, 2012

Update: Why the Thank You Tour Isn't Coming to Maryland

A quick update on yesterday's post about the 'Skins Thank You tour not coming to Maryland.

Answer is simple. Redskin fans won't see this in Maryland:

Because of this:

Yep, most parts of Maryland is considered Ravens (Hon!) territory. Per league rules, the Thank You tour was not allowed to enter other teams TV market territories. That's why you will see the 'Skins in DC and Va but not MD and NC (another Redskin fan populated area but the Panthers territory).

Larry Michael confirmed this on Redskins Nation today.

I am bummed to hear this, but not that surprised. I have a hell of a time catching Redskins vs. AFC team games especially since I like to DVR and re-watch games for my game recaps.

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