Monday, July 30, 2012

Redskins News and Notes: 7/30/12

- As I type this, the Redskins are on day 4 of training camp, doing their daily walk through before heading out to practice this afternoon. I'll have daily links and some commentary tomorrow morning.

- No word on LB Jonathan Goff's MRI. He missed all of 2011 with a knee injury and injured the same knee in camp. I doubt we'll see him today in practice.

- I have to think season tickets should start being shipped soon if they haven't already. Normally, in previous years we'd get them a few weeks before pre-season starts. With the Redskins not having a home game until week 4 of the pre-season (week 1 is the HOF game in Canton and is this Sunday) I'm thinking that's why we haven't seen tickets coming out just yet.

-If you like the Redskins 80th ann. throwback uniforms but want one for your favorite player, I've been told you need to call the Redskins store to try to get the ball rolling.

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