Sunday, July 15, 2012

Site Updates and Redskins News and Notes 7/15/12

(Something to celebrate the Nats and 'Skins all at once)
Ok. The start of training camp is almost here time to get back to writing about the 'Skins but first some updates on the site and with somethings that will probably be coming up in the next couple of weeks, month or so.

- Dig the hat in the above picture? It was a birthday present from my wife. These hats have been around for awhile (although slightly different) in the DC area, but have been incredibly hard to find (trust me, I have tried). Anyway, if you're a Nats and 'Skins fan and have been looking for this type of hat you can actually make one. Go to NewEraByYou and you can custom make a New Era cap just like this one. It is a bit pricey (about $60) but good luck finding one in stores.

- I have something big that I am working on that involves this season and training camp. I'll know by the end of next week if it's happening or not. If it doesn't, nothing on IIWII will change. If it does, then there may be some real cool stuff coming to IIWII. Stay tuned.

- Great news! IIWII will be covering training camp live for the 2012 season. I will be heading out for at least one day of training camp in August and depending on what happens in the above mention, it could be at least two days down in Ashburn. Hopefully I'll have a lot of pictures to share, camp reports and maybe some live tweets....we'll see.

- Also I think I'll probably get around to an "About" section for the site. It's well over three years and I'm finally getting around to that...Oh well.

Redskins News and Notes

- Monday will start training camp.....for the rookies and some players with less than a year of service (probably Aldrick Robinson, Jarvis Jenkins etc.). This will get them some extra work in before the veterans come in on July 26th.

- As I type this, Robert Griffin III and Josh Leribeus have yet to be signed. Neither can attend training camp until officially under contract. Word is that the Redskins are very close to getting a deal done with RGIII's agent Ben Dogra but the main sticking point is whether the four year contract will be fully guaranteed or if there will be an offset (ie. the Redskins payment on the remainder of the deal) if the 'Skins would happen to trade or cut RGIII prior to his rookie contract ending. While I understand that both sides are trying to set precedent for future deals (and to make or save as much money as possible) I hope that both sides realize that there is no way that I can see RGIII being cut before his contract is up. No word on what is the issue with Leribeus' deal.

- Drew Brees signs with the Saints. How does this affect the Redskins? Well, Brees will have a entire training camp to get ready for the regular season. No holdout means that the Redskins will be facing a 100% Brees. Nothing is ever easy for the Redskins.

Dates to watch

July 16th: Rookie report for early training camp (1 day away)

July 26th: Training camp officially opens (Note: I believe players must report on the 25th) (11 days away)

August 9th: 1st pre-season game @ Buffalo Bills (25 days away)

August 25th: 1st pre-season game @ FedEx vs. Indianapolis Colts (41 days away)

September 9th: 1st regular season game @ New Orleans Saints (56 days away)

September 23rd: home opener vs. Cincinnati Bengals (70 days away)

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