Friday, July 27, 2012

Training Camp Day 1: PANIC!!!!

Here are your daily links to the camp reports/beat writer's thoughts:
Rich Tandler: CSNWashington/Real Redskins
John Keim: Redskins Confidential
Rich Campbell: Redskins Watch
Mike Jones:  The Insider
Jason LaCanfora: CBSSports

My thoughts and observations:
- Twitter and some in the media really need to hit the breaks for a second, take a deep breath and calm down. This was the first day of practice all season long. Real (as you can get without pads) practice where everybody had to be there unless they were injured. Griffin is going to be rusty (as are many QBs after a long break), guys will drop balls, starters will get beaten by 4th string unknowns. This is typical for training camps. Now is not the time to panic. If RGIII can't complete a pass after week three of the pre-season then we really need to worry until then to quote Alan Iverson "it's just practice". This is the time for the players to learn and make mistakes in order to not do those things in real games. So if you are heading to the park and giving details on Twitter or through your blog please try to remember that it's an early practice for a long season.

- It has been amazing to read the turnaround in attitude by some of the fans off of yesterday. The vibe going into camp was rather upbeat. Now it's doom and gloom. Yes, I know how a good 30% (or more) of the Redskins fan base is when it comes the team..... real bi-polar. Winning the Super Bowl to Debbie Downer (and bashing anybody who is willing to say something nice about the team). Look if you're getting that upset already- take a break and follow the Nationals or Orioles in their playoff hunts and come back when the pre-season games start. It's OK. It'll be OK.

- Jammal Brown may be the worst move the Redskins have made since Shanahan/Allen have taken over. Not McNabb or Atogwe but Brown. Not only did they trade a 3rd rounder to the Saints for him but then signed him to a long term deal. The problem is clear that the hip isn't and probably won't be getting better. Now the Redskins have to rely that either Polumbus, Smith, Lee or Compton can step in and become the Redskins starting RT. Maybe Brown can get healthy and start the season but I just don't see him playing 16 games at all. Another reason to really dislike Giants owner John Mara and Roger Goodell. If the 'Skins had their 18 million of salary cap space, maybe they target RT Eric Winston who knew the scheme as a former Texan.

(Commissioner Derp)
- Tim Hightower was seen with a slight limp after a big run yesterday. Makes me think that Evan Royster will wind up getting the bulk of the carries this year because he is more durable than either Helu or Hightower.

- Still hard to get a feel for the O-line/D-line battles because the full pads haven't come on yet. I believe Saturday is when that will happen.

- Stay hydrated if you're going to Ashburn'll be another scorcher.

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