Saturday, July 28, 2012

Training Camp Day 2: Positives and Pickups

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Your Morning Links/Reports for Training Camp:

John Keim has 16 things to report about yesterday's camp. Redskins Confidential
Then he had his mandatory RGIII report. Redskins Confidential
Rich Tandler says RGIII had a better day even though it was up and down. Real Redskins
Rich Campbell's practice report has some info. on the OL and rookie Tom Compton. Redskins Watch
Don Banks has never seen so much excitement for a rookie QB at camp. Sports Illustrated
And Sports Illustrated's breakdown of the team for 2012. Sport's Illustrated

Can't make it to camp? Well a You Tuber posted some footage from yesterday's camp (zskins007):

Rich Tandler also looks ahead for today's camp and bids farewell to Mike Sellers. Real Redskins

Thoughts and Observations:

- So why did the Redskins sign former Buccaneer Dezmon Briscoe? Let me tell you there are more than you think. Also, don't expect this guy to be camp fodder. Here's the reasons:

1. Briscoe is 6'2" and would be tied for the tallest Redskin WR on the roster (Hankerson). Height and size has been an issue with the 'Skins WR corp for years with many fans calling them Smurfs 2 in honor of the smaller corp. back in the 80's The Smurfs. Red Zone scoring has been tough for the Shanahan Redskins and more height will give the 'Skins more chances for fades and jump balls.

2. Briscoe had 6 TD catches last year. No WR/TE on the Redskins had that many and only Pierre Garcon had as many last year. Let's look at the numbers from last year:

Pierre Garcon 6 TD
Dezmon Briscoe 6 TD
Jabar Gaffney 5 TD*
Santana Moss 4 TD**
Fred Davis 3 TD ***
Anthony Armstrong 2 TD
Donte Stallworth 2 TD*
Josh Morgan 1 TD**
Chris Cooley 0 TD**
Leonard Hankerson 0 TD**
Aldrick Robinson 0 TD
Terrence Austin 0 TD
Brandon Banks 0 TD

* No longer on team
** Injured in 2011
*** Suspended in 2011

So it makes obvious sense to get a player who has some experience in the Red Zone when the Redskins have talent but so little TDs based off of last year.

3. Raheem Morris coached Briscoe last year, so he would know if the player would be an asset to the team. Briscoe was cut by Tampa Bay for not attending many OTAs and failing conditioning tests.

- I feel bad for Brian Hernandez who was cut for Briscoe. He wouldn't have made the final 53 man roster but would have been the annual underdog that fans like to root for like a Jimmy Farris etc.

- This will put some serious pressure on veteran Redskins like Austin, Banks and Armstrong. A few of the names already appear to be long shots to make the roster, but Armstrong now may be joining this group.

- Jammal Brown's injury actually occurred at a better time than you think. By happening before training camp, the Redskins can put him on the PUP list and ride this out with a worst case scenario of missing the first 6 weeks of the season without losing him to IR. Plus, this gives the team time to find a replacement who can gel with the rest of the line. Right now Tyler Polumbus appears to be the early favorite.

- It was sad to see CB Chase Minnifield placed on IR. I really think he can be a starter at the NFL level based on the small sample of film I have seen. Take my opinion with a grain of salt but he could be challenging for a spot on next year's roster.

- I love that Mike Shanahan is going to use Robert Griffin III's skills to it's fullest. Word from camp and OTA's is that the Redskins are using a few packages that include a pistol formation (think shotgun but closer to center) and a few option plays. Even if the Shanahan's are only toying with the idea and are letting this info. slip it's a good sign. Defense will have to prepare for RGIII at every level and that will be a challenge.

- Hitting starts today. Finally we can see what the OL/DL can do and see some tackling.

- On Mike Sellers, he was a core Redskin. Period. He's up for the 80th greatest Redskins and he'll probably have my vote over some more notable players. Speaking of this, why isn't James Thrash on the list? Another core Redskin who did grunt work for the team and probably won't be remembered for it by many.

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