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Initial Thoughts: Colts at Redskins 8/26/2012

(Who's #1? At least for today it was RGIII. Photo: me on my cellphone)
Despite being a pre-season game, fans poured into FedEx much like the rain that was surrounding the area yesterday. FedEx itself had a nice rainstorm from 2pm to gametime which ruined a few tailgates but didn't hinder the game. For a game that featured 2011's 1st and 4th worst teams, the fan showed up to get a glimpse of new rookie QBs Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin IIII.

They were in for a treat yesterday and possibly the next 10-15 years........

The Redskins looked more like the team that played against the Bills two weeks ago than the team that was pummeled by the Bears last week. That's not to say that the team is perfect by any stretch and that there are some glaring concerns I have going into the season. That said, the team moved the ball well, stopped the Colts run game and found ways to score with the starters.

One caveat to all of this, with exception to a few players (Reggie Wayne comes to mind along with Luck) the Colts are a bad team. Maybe not the worst team in the NFL going into the season (that would be the Rams IMO) but a 5-6 win team most likely. So if the Redskins struggle with the Saints in two weeks don't be that upset or panicked about it. Of course being a Redskin fan, I know some  'Skin fans will be doing just that despite my warnings.

Before I get to the home team, let me talk about Andrew Luck for a second. He looks to be the real deal and living up to the reputation of being a more mobile Peyton Manning. That's a scary thought for sure. What I noticed the most about him is that he doesn't waiver in the pocket. He feels pressure and moves around (or just runs) to avoid it but he also knows when he's going to get hit while making the pass and doesn't flinch. He just picks himself up and goes one. Throws a bad pass or has a bad play? No problem. He'll just make the next play. No happy feet. Plays like a veteran. Yes, this guy looks like a true #1 draft pick. The Colts were smart to draft him. Now they just need to build around him like they did Manning.

It's easy to say that RGIII isn't there yet compared to Luck. You'll read/hear that a lot this week from the media. You'll also hear that Luck has such great "pocket presence" (which means he feels comfortable in the pocket) so much that you'll probably wish that it was a drinking game. That could be a very true statement if Griffin was relegated to stay under center the whole time and throw from the pocket. That's not his game. We haven't seen too much of what I think the 'Skins plan on doing with him but expect plenty of bootlegs, pistol and shotgun formations and the occasional option scheme thrown in. Matter of fact Griffin's TD pass to Santana Moss yesterday was not from the pocket. Just watch.

(You Tube courtesy of Our Uncle Skins @UncleSkins)

I'll focus more on RGIII in the game recap, which I will actually try to do this week. But let's just say that much like Luck, Griffin is worthy of a #1 pick as well based of what I've seen so far.

- Lost in the Luck vs. RGIII debate is that a 6th round rookie had the best game of the three yesterday. Alfred Morris dominated with a TD and 107 yards rushing. What impressed me the most was the pass protection. Morris missed a key assignment last week that led to an RGIII sack/fumble against the Bears. This week he kept blitzers off of RGIII and it was noticeable. I try not to get too hyped up about running backs having great pre-seasons with the Redskins with Marcus Mason and Jesse Lumsden coming to mind. That said, Morris has played well and unlike any of last year's RB corp. he's healthy. Morris could be the week one starter. A good indicator of this is whether or not he plays against the Buccaneers on Wednesday.

- Niles Paul on Kickoffs? Santana Moss on punts? Yes, we saw that yesterday with the starting units. Makes me think that it is not looking good for Brandon Banks.

- Speaking of starting special team units, did you happen to know that a certain on the bubble TE/FB was playing special teams on kickoffs yesterday? That's right Chris Cooley was out there on special teams. That combined with him getting a good deal of reps. at FB and not looking bad at the position. I'm thinking the Redskins find a way to keep him on the roster.

- As for WR, this is the toughest battle for spots and it didn't get much easier last night. Terrence Austin re-entered the competition with a really good game. Aldrick Robinson wasn't targeted. Dezmon Briscoe made two nice catches which makes me argue that the Redskins have to find a spot for him. It doesn't look good for Anthony Armstrong who dropped a pass or Banks who hasn't taken a snap a WR since week 1.

- Rex Grossman will be back as the Redskins #2 QB for 2012. He lit up the backup Colts. Fans booed him but those boos turned to cheers as he threw 2 TDs and no INTs.

- Another tough battle will be taking place with the backup LBs. Chris Wilson looks to have a 2nd tenure here in DC after being a free agent in 2011.

I'll have more tonight after I watch the game again. Hard to get certain reads/formations when you're in the lower level on one side of the field.

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- Rex Grossman will be back as the Redskins #2 QB for 2012. He lit up the backup Colts. Fans booed him but those boos turned to cheers as he threw 2 TDs and no INTs.Great stuff!

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