Friday, August 10, 2012

Initial Thoughts: Redskins/Bills Pre-Season Game 1

Instead of trying to do a write up (I'll save that for a game breakdown later tonight). Here are a few things that I noticed, liked and disliked from last night's game.

 1. Mandatory thoughts on RGIII. Not a bad start. He did everything the coaches wanted him to do. Got the ball out quickly, didn't scramble around, didn't hold onto the ball too long, made crisp accurate throws and arguably was 6/6 on the night had Niles Paul held onto his catch and if Garcon could have dragged his other foot. Most importantly, the only time he was hit was when he tried to make a tackle on a fumble recovery. Needs to work on handoff exchange more. Griffin did not look like a rookie out there to me.

2. Oline played well in pass pro. With exception to one big pressure on Cousins and maybe a mild hit or two, I didn't the see any QB touched by the Bills defense last night. I do know RG3 wasn't touched at all. From what I remember, the TEs and RBs did a decent job blocking when they stayed in.

3. Oline did a poor job blocking when 'Skins ran the ball. Gaps and lanes weren't forming and overall some players seemed to have trouble getting to the LBs at the second level. Something to keep an eye on. Just because we have RGIII does not mean that the 'Skins need to quit running the ball. Remember, everything in the offense stems from being able to run the ball-- especially zone stretch runs.

4. The 'Skins really want to find a way to use Brandon Banks. We all know that Brandon Banks will not get a roster spot because he's a fast KR/PR. He's going to have to show the team that he could be a playmaking threat as a WR. Unfortunately, he didn't have a great game. The 'Skins targeted him multiple times with little success. It's still early and Banks has some hurdles to climb as he develops into a WR but he'll really have to show something soon as a WR to make the roster.

5. Rookie O-Linemen had a good first outing.  Really liked some of the work by the young guys drafted this year. Adam Gettis started at RG and while he didn't blow guys off the line, he kept them from filling gaps and getting to the RB at times. Josh Leribeus and Tom Compton filled in well after the starters called it a day. Compton is going to put pressure on Willie Smith to make the roster, really athletic. Leribeus is a mauler. I love his demeanor on the field. Just old school nasty.

6. Richard Crawford made an early impression.  It's early, but coaches are taking note of what guys are doing and Crawford did two things that nobody on the roster did last night: catch an interception and have some good returns on special teams. More competition at CB is important because beyond Josh Wilson and DeAngelo Hall. Also is Brandon Banks gets cut, the Redskins will need to find his replacement.

7. The D line is scary. And is it deep. With Jarvis Jenkins back and Chris Baker joining the frey, this is a scary group. Orakpo and Kerrigan are going to have a great year with these monsters of mayhem on the inside.

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