Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Training Camp Day 5: Patterns Starting to Emerge

There's a reason why I like to post so many training camp reports on the site each day (or at least when I get around to writing about camp). One, is that as an obsessed Redskins fan I like to read as much as possible about what's going on at camp. I generally read about 4-5 articles a day (at least), listen to ESPN 980 on the way home and catch about 2 or more hours of coverage on television and who knows how many hours I waste running through Twitter feeds. Anyway, if I find an interesting read, then I will post the link here. Second, is that not even the best beat writers can watch every player all the time. There are 90 guys on the field and most are broken up into groups, so you pick and choose what to focus your attention. That means that you may catch some bad plays of a player having a good camp or a few good plays of a player having a bad camp. By looking at multiple reports, you start to see some patterns emerge on who's looking good and who isn't. Even then, it's hard to tell without watching the players. You really have to go by the beat writer's reports (which we are lucky b/c the DC area has some good beat writers or at least a few good ones). So, if you have time check out some multiple reports and see if you're starting to notice some things......I know that I am.

Your Morning Links/ Training Camp Reports:
Chick Hernandez reports that Jammal Brown will not need surgery on his ailing hip. CSNWashington
John Keim has a lengthy report on the OL, RB pass pro drills and Niles Paul. Redskins Confidential
And Keim's RGIII report. Redskins Confidential
Rich Campbell looks at Day 5's practice. Redskins Watch
Mike Jones looks at the kicking duel between Gano and Rackers. Football Insider
The Redskins aren't alone with injuries in camp. Real Redskins
Rich Tandler's practice notes from Day 5. Real Redskins

Thoughts and Observations:

- Two players really getting praise early in camp that have to play better this year for the 'Skins to have success are LT Trent Williams and OLB Brian Orakpo. Williams appears to be shutting down most of his competition (except for Orakpo on occasion) and Orakpo has been in the backfield most of camp.

- The weakest unit? Obviously it's the Oline. We have two starters that will likely miss most of training camp. The backups have struggled early on and with exception to Williams, the remaining starters have been okay based on reports.

- The toughest cuts may be at WR. Anthony Armstrong, Terrence Austin and Brandon Banks have had good camps so far making it difficult for any UDFA rookies or Aldrick Robinson to win one of their roster spots. Santana Moss has been said to look like the old Santana Moss. To me, I just want the guy from 2010. Leonard Hankerson is developing into a good WR. It'll be tough for the Redskins to cut the roster down to 6 spots.

- Chris Cooley has had two fumbles in the past two days. Something worth watching when the games start.

- The Jordan Black signing is good but until he does anything it really doesn't mean much.

Injury Update
IRed: Chase Minnifield, Johnathan Goff
PUP: Jammal Brown (hip)
Injured: Darrel Young (hammy 1-2 weeks), Josh Morgan (hammy, unknown), Kory Lichtenstiger (knee, will miss most of camp), Willie Smith (knee, unknown)

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