Saturday, August 4, 2012

Training Camp Day 8 Report/ Fan Appreciation Day Prologue

(This is just a sample of an average fan appreciation day)
Today is fan appreciation day, if you are going today quit reading this article and get on the road!!!! Traffic will be hell and the crowds will be heavy to see our new franchise QB. If you're already on your way to Ashburn (or there already) here's some more pictures from the 2010 fan appreciation day.

The band will be there for a performance:

The 1st ladies of football will also give their first performance as the 2012 team:

 And if you're lucky you may even see/hear the voice of the Redskins' Larry Michael:
(Expect to hear "No S, just Larry Michael" a million times)
The team will start practice around noon and then probably sign some autographs after the session. It's a fun experience especially if you just want to see the team live and feel the excitement/hoopla of this year's team. If you just want to watch football practice, I would avoid going.

Your Morning Links/Training Camp Reports
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Speaking of Keim, he also does a Friday email report which is free and I highly recommend. The link is usually at the end of his articles.
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Back with more news later today......

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