Thursday, August 9, 2012

Training Camp Days 10/11 Preseason Game 1 Notes

 Lots of things going on with the Redskins in the past two days. Here's your daily links for the past two days of camp that I've missed.

John Keim's Monday Report. Redskins Confidential
RGIII report 8/7/12. Redskins Confidential
Rich Campbell's practice report 8/7/12. Redskins Watch
Who's in, who's out, who starts in the Buffalo game. Redskins Watch
Rich Tandler also writes about players getting an opportunity in Buffalo b/c of injuries. Real Redskins
Notes from Tuesday's practice (closed to public and media). Redskins Blog
Usually one of the best episodes is when they break down training camp battles. Skinscast
Rich Tandler looks at RGIII, has a live chat planned and other notes. Real Redskins
Emmanual Benton shares his thoughts on training camp. Pro Player Insiders
NFL Network looks at what to expect from RGIII tonight.
More Keim on Brandon Banks and interviews with Kyle Shanahan, Jim Haslett and Danny Smith

Quick Notes:
- Devin Thomas retired this past weekend. The sad part of it all is that in 4 seasons he and fellow 2nd rounder Malcolm Kelly combined for almost the same amount of receptions and TDs as Fred Davis did last year. Let's not forget that Davis was suspended for a quarter of last season's games. Amazing, that the only player that Redskin fans were scratching their heads over in the 2008 draft is the only guy left on the current roster and has been the only guy to be somewhat productive by NFL standards. Thanks again Vinny.

- Speaking of Vinny Cerrato. I love how Baltimore fans have come to his defense after backing out of a Bowie Baysox promotion where he would participate in a dunk tank. The money would have gone to charity and maybe some Redskin fans could get some closure after bearing witness to a decade of buffoonary caused by Cerrato (at the behest of owner Dan Snyder). Instead Cerrato will do an extra hour of his radio show. Generally, I don't care that much about the Ravens. Have amazing respect for Ray Lewis (although I love to show his crazier antics here), Ed Reed etc. but part of me really dislikes them. Not the team but the fanbase. Their insecurity over DC sports, the loss of the Colts, blaming the Redskins for not getting another football team during the 1st expansion in the 90's (Jags, Panthers) [Ed. Note- same can be said about the Orioles and baseball by the way and the Nationals are stuck on MASN which is owned by the Orioles/Peter Angelos] and their attempts to try and be like the Eagle's fan base has been pretty annoying. Maybe this isn't the majority of Raven fans, maybe it's just a few vocal jerks. Every fan base has them including the Redskins (you know who you are). So maybe I'm overblowing this a bit but I was surprised the amount of hatred some people have for DC area sports.

- Great news. I thought the Eastern Shore area of Maryland was not going to get the Redskins/Bills game because WRC 4 was covering the olympics (and over here we don't get NBC Nonstop DC, we get WBAL+, NBC Nonstop is  playing the game in the DC area) and Comcast seems to want to blackout the game because this is considered Raven's territory. However, Ray from The Son of Washington called Comcast and they told him that indeed the game will be seen on WRC 4 here on the shore.

I will have a quick recap and then a game breakdown on tonight's game. The initial thoughts should be up sometime tonight with the game breakdown on Fri/Sat.

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