Sunday, September 9, 2012

Final Prediction: 2012 Redskins

It's not fair to put hopes of an entire fanbase on one player on a team that consists of 53 players and multiple coaches....but we have. The good news is that Robert Griffin III has shied away from it. If anything he's embraced it by becoming the true "face of the franchise" through interactions with the media, commercials and his limited play on the field.

So this begs the question how much better is this team and do they stand a chance to do better in 2012 than in 2011? I've already looked at the positions after the final 53 man roster was announced. In that I gave an opinion if the team was better or worse at each position. Overall, I'd say better but when it comes down to it, it starts with the QB.

The RGIII factor
- Right now a rookie RGIII is better than 2011 starters Rex Grossman and John Beck. Period. There's no need to discuss it. I know some people will defend Rex and they are right in that Grossman does move the ball in this scheme well and has a good understanding of where to go with the ball. Grossman is also a fumble machine, doesn't move that well and makes an expected 2-3 bad decisions a game that leads to an INT. That said, Griffin will have his bad moments. It's going to happen. Deal with it. But this team is going to be much much better for having a QB who is ideal for this scheme.

The Schedule
This schedule is horrible. The Redskins have to face the Ravens, Steelers, Saints, Falcons and Bengals along with the NFCE. They also have to face the Panther and the Vikings, two teams they have struggled against last season. This schedule seems to be set up for the Redskins to fail.....more reason to believe that Roger Goodell and his cronies in the NFL seem to have it out for not just the Saints.

I think the 'Skins will be better this year. But maybe not as much as some people think. Health as usual will be the biggest issue (especially in the secondary and O lines). If the team can stay healthy then maybe the 'Skins find a way to win 9 games. But I expect injuries and I expect growing pains and rookie mistakes. Because of that I'm going to be much less optimistic than previous years.


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