Monday, October 15, 2012

Initial Thoughts: Redskins @ Vikings 10/15/12

(Going, Going, Gone!!! Gif courtesy of Deadspin )
Yes I used a baseball metaphor for last night's Redskins game, but this 76 yard TD run pretty much sealed the deal when it came to the Vikings chances of winning the game last night as the Redskins held onto a 38-26 victory. The win snaps a 8 game home losing streak that started after the win against the Cardinals last season (The Redskins failed to win another home game after week 2 in 2011) and snaps 2 consecutive years of losing to Leslie Frazier's Vikings (2010, 2011). This is also the first win for Mike Shanahan against Leslie Frazier since he has been the Redskins head coach (Shanhan is now 1-3 with losses stemming from 2010, 2011 and the 2012 Senior Bowl). The Redskins are now 3-3 heading into week 7 against the Giants.

It was clear what the Vikings wanted to do in this game. They wanted to get the ball to WR Percy Harvin and run the ball with Adrian Peterson. Meanwhile on defense, the goal was to shut down Alfred Morris at all costs. The plan worked well early as the Vikings drove deep into Redskins territory three consecutive series but were only able to kick FGs to take an early 9-0 lead. The Redskins offense was shut down during this being forced to punt on one occasion and having RGIII force a pass that was intercepted. The Redskins adjusted, made some better tackles and put pressure of QB Christian Ponder. The result led to the Redskins scoring 24 straight and leading 24-9 in the middle of the 3rd quarter.

There are reason though why the Vikings are 4-1 prior to this game and the Redskins were 2-3. The Vikings are hard to shutdown and the Redskins have been unable to hold onto 4th quarter leads. The Vikings rallied to come back despite a Madieu Williams INT run for a TD. Then came RGIII.... to say that Griffin was having a good game is fair but then he takes off for a 76 yard run and closes the door on the Vikings comeback was just amazing. I have been a Redskin fan since 1986 and with exception to maybe something Darrell Green did during his 20 year tenure here in DC, I don't think I have ever seen anything like this before. Griffin made a great read on a blitz, had a nice block by Josh Morgan (which took out a few Viking defenders) and then his legs did the rest.

What I'll be curious to watch from the game this week will be: How did the Redskins attack/slow/stop Jared Allen, what scheme/look was the Redskins D giving the Vikings late in the game (would it be defined as prevent, base cover 2, some sort of soft zone?) and how the Vikings attacked the Redskins.

Oh and isn't it great that we have a kicker where the fans feel comfortable about a 49 yard attempt?

More to come.....