Monday, January 21, 2013

Final Thoughts on East/West Shrine Game

The 2013 East/West Shrine Game has come and gone and it's time to make some final thoughts as we head into Senior Bowl week. I've already posted some thoughts earlier about the game HERE and here is a nice recap of the game from Charlie Campbell of Walter Football about the game. To be honest, there just isn't that much else to say about the game.

I guess I can mention the INT/TD made by Kansas State's Nigel Malone which was a good play by the corner who anticipated the pass and jumped a route combined with a horrible read/pass by Louisiana Tech's Colby Cameron.

Bleach Report has a Stock up/ Stock down article which I will link HERE. While I normally don't post anything by BR (for various reasons), I tend to agree with the analysis of the article. Note that the QBs again get some poor ratings.

If the Redskins draft a player or sign a undrafted rookie who played in the East/West Shrine game, then I'll go back a watch the game again (I kept it on disc) and talk about what I'm seeing from the player in the game.

For example, I just went and watched Alfred Morris' performance in the 2012 game and it's clear that the Redskins had a good idea of what they were getting when they drafted him.

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