Friday, March 15, 2013

SOW: Ravens Should Beg to Lose to the ‘Skins Each Year

If you live anywhere in Maryland (like I do) or in a surrounding state or district, then you’ll probably be reminded on a daily basis about the recent Ravens Super Bowl victory over the 49ers. The Raven fans have come out of the woodwork or jumped on the bandwagon wearing their gear and talking about their team…. and that’s fine. That’s what I would do if the Redskins won the Super Bowl (I do it anyway no matter how good or bad the Redskins are playing).
But if a Raven fan decides to crow a little too much about their year or wants to talk some smack about the Redskins all you have to do is remind them that the ‘Skins beat the champs with the help of a back up rookie QB.
Matter of fact, the Redskins beat the Ravens in the regular season both times the Ravens won the Super Bowl.
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