Saturday, April 20, 2013

TMZ Interviews RGIII

I was digging around my email inbox tonight and found this little tidbit from TMZ and I figured I'd share since it is an RGIII interview after all.

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57 minutes ago by TMZ Staff
Robert Griffin III's amazing rookie season ended with a horrific knee injury, but the Washington Redskins' superhuman QB looks ready for action again -- and claims he'll be even BETTER next year. 

RGIII -- who showed no signs of a limp last night outside of Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills -- said he's "feeling good" and brushed off the injury ... reminding us the torn ACL he suffered in college was way worse.

When our camera guy pumped up RGIII telling him he'd be just as good this coming season -- Griffin shot back, "I'll be better."
Click on the video to watch the full video at TMZ.

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