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5 Reasons Why RGIII Running Less Can Still Lead To Success

(Sometimes RGIII doesn't need to run to be effective. Photo:Brad MIlls/USA Today)
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Throughout the off-season there has been plenty of so-called experts saying that RGIII and the Washington Redskins have to stop running the young QB so much. However if he does, the offense will lose something or be less effective. The zone read and pistol formations have come into the league with a vengeance like the wildcat a few years ago and most say it will die like most gimmick schemes but I completely disagree with those opinions. As long as you have a mobile QB you can have an effective offense even if you limit his designed run attempts.
Here's five reasons why:

1. Deception
The zone read option and pistol formations give the offense some added deception and make the defense pick their poison. Usually by doing so, the offense has the upper hand because no matter what the defense chooses the offense has a answer for their attack. If you look at the three divisional games where the defenses had a second look at the offense you can clearly see that the LBs and safeties still had no idea how to stop the zone read. My favorite way to describe it is the LBs were on skates and frozen in quicksand. By the defense having to guess at what's coming, that gives RGIII the open windows in coverage that allow the wide open slants that we saw all last year. In those games we were going against some of the league's premium pass rushers (JPP, Demarcus Ware, Osi, Trent Cole etc.) and they barely got a whiff of RGIII. An added bonus is that RGIII has a great ball fake and is a magician with the football. Many times he fools not only the defense but cameramen shooting the game.

2. Protecting the QB
I hate to even go into to this topic because I'm so tired of hearing it myself, but here we go: RGIII running less will limit the big hits from LBs and hard hitting safeties in the league but as Mike and Kyle Shanahan have said over and over the ZRO allows the QB to see where the hit is coming from and allowing him to adjust by sliding, diving or getting out of bounds. When a QB is in the pocket he is more susceptible to blindside hits which are the most dangerous when setting up to throw not being aware of the impending hit. Now it's ultimately up to RGIII to protect himself when he breaks the pocket on designed runs or broken plays (the 3 plays where he got hurt last season). I believe he has learned from his mistakes last year and saw what happens when he doesn't protect himself. He's smart enough to know what to do in the future. Now you have defensive coordinators such as Gunther Cunningham saying that these young QBs are gonna get hurt running the ZRO in the NFL and its a fad and not gonna last long.....we will see.

3.Potent running game
With the emergence of Alfred Morris last year and putting up the numbers he did we're hoping for a repeat performance but to duplicate it would be a feat in itself now that he's not a surprise to anyone anymore. Roy Helu is coming back healthy along with Evan Royster (who may be a roster casualty if he has an uneventful pre-season like his 2012 performance) and the drafting of the young speedy Chris Thompson and the shifty Jawan Jamison. The Redskins should have a potent running game with the same offensive line coming back that helped lead the Redskins to be the top ranked rushing team in the NFL. With a monster running back in Alfred Morris and the drafting of two change-of-pace backs to spell Morris. I see no reason why the Redskins can't lead the league in rushing for 2 years in a row.

4.Healthy offensive weapons
We all know about the injuries to Pierre Garcon, Fred Davis, Joshua Morgan and Roy Helu. That's a lot of offensive production was not in the lineup last year. With these weapons being healthy going into 2013, a returning healthy offensive line and the drafting of TE Jordan Reed and the aforementioned Chris Thompson, the offense is not short on playmakers or options for Kyle to play with and give defenses a headache trying to game plan. The fact that it is the second year in the offense for Pierre and Joshua should be a automatic boost to production because they are more familiar with the scheme and the timing of their QB. Can't you just imagine how much fun Kyle is having thinkng up new formations and the possible personnel mismatches he's gonna have with all his new toys in his potent offense. I cant wait either.

5. Kyle Shanahan
(Photo: John McDonnell)
Now I know no one wants to think about the 2010 or 2011 seasons, but if you can think back and remember how many times you saw a wounded duck of a ball thrown by Rex Grossman to a wide open Jabar Gaffney or Anthony Armstrong you will realize how good Kyle's offense really can be. Just imagine how potent and explosive its going to be with a legitimate #1 WR in Pierre Garcon, a healthy threat across the middle in Fred Davis and big, fast, yet unproven target down the field in Leonard Hankerson, a good running back in Alfred Morris, and in the rookie Thompson or a hopefully fully healthy Helu. I dont know how defenses are going to their gameplan to stop just one of these players when there are so many weapons available. Not to mention Jordan Reed who can line up on the line or as a slot end. You can just imagine the possibilities that Kyle is designing up at Redskins Park.

I know I'm writing this in terms of a best case scenario but after years of disappointment and false hopes, why not look at the bright side and future that I believe we are in store for in 2013. 

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Darrell Kilgore said...

He needs to run as less as possible, and only run when he needs to. I would like to see him throw for more than a thousand yards on the season this year. This dude has an incredible arm and down field vision. wide Outs need to catch everything in the vicinity. Go Redskins!!

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