Monday, September 2, 2013

Defensive Observations Redskins vs. Buccaneers

            Well Redskins Nation, we finally made it through the pre-season. And we’re less than a week away from the start of the much anticipated regular season so the Washington Redskins can defend their NFC East Championship and make a long playoff run. In year four of the Mike Shanahan Era I believe we have seen the talent level raised, the quality of depth revamped and improved and a better use of the draft. Those three keys have turned this franchise around and made the franchise back into a Super Bowl contender.

With the fourth preseason game you won’t see any starters generally, but you will get a good look at the backups and potential practice squad players. With that being said, Brandon Meriweather, Josh Wilson, and Bacarri Rambo who are presumed starters will see some limited action this game. For Josh and Brandon it’s more to shake the rust off and see how both have rebounded from offseason surgeries and rehab. For
Rambo, it’s to get more live reps and to work on his tackling, which Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett had said earlier in the week that he and Bacarri have been working after practice on his open field tackling, wrapping up and taking better angles on the ball carrier.

 In this game he showed the practice helped because he had his best game so far. I was extremely impressed how our backups manhandled Tampa Bay's backups in all three aspects of the game even with our fourth string QB running the offense. For some of these players this will be their last shot at an NFL career and for some it’s their last shot to impress the coaches or get some good stuff on film for the other 31 teams to see.

After this game, the team will get down to the 53 man roster and get ready to game plan for the Monday Night Football match-up with the new look Philadelphia Eagles on Sept. 9th. The Redskins look poised to defend their title and make a long playoff run as long as the team stays generally healthy, and either repeats or surpasses last year’s offensive numbers. Last but not least, the defense returning to the 2011 form and forgetting about the uneven 2012.

(Celebrating Amerson's 1st INT)

I guess everyone has heard the news that Robert Griffin III has been cleared to play in the season opener and this team can start its run to the Lombardi trophy. Let’s get to the final breakdown of the pre-season and start gearing up for the games that really count. 


Series 1: Defense started out strong against the run and was tight in coverage but once again a 15 yard penalty (roughing the passer) extends a drive and prevents a 3 and out something a defense always wants. Bacarri Rambo started his impressive night by making a nice tackle on a speedy Tampa Bay running back on 2nd and 15 for a 10 yard gain when he surely would've gained the first down if Rambo didn't make the tackle. On the ensuing 3rd and 5, Darryl Tapp gets good pressure and forces a bad throw to force a 4th down and a punt.

            Series 2: Nick Barnett with his first extended action of pre-season, makes a good tackle on 3rd and 2 to help force another punt on a 3 and out.

            Series 3: The defense is just outplaying Tampa’s offense and it’s like 3 Redskins players around the ball whenever they do try to move the ball up the field. Once again the defense holds and forces another 3 and out.

            Series 4: The Redskins defense is just all over the place with solid tackling, converging on the ball, playing aggressively and knowing their assignments. Once again force 3 and out.

            Series 5: Jarvis Jenkins bulldozes the guard into the QB and forces a fumble in which Philip Merlin recovers and advances the ball a few yards. Another turnover for the defense.

            Series 6: Tampa Bay starts moving the ball some while bringing in the bruising Peyton Hillis to run the ball. Darryl Tapp came untouched on a blitz but the QB got the ball off just in time. Nick Barnett wasn't quite in position and allowed a first down on the play. The two outside cornerbacks at this point of the
game are Chase Minnifield and David Amerson, which could possibly be a future tandem for the Redskins. Chase closes quickly to limit the WR to a minimal gain on a quick pass. On the next play David Amerson gets his 1st NFL interception after snagging a bad throw but showed great awareness and hands on the play. A return of 35 yards after the INT set up the offense with a very short field.

          Series 7: All that needs to be said is that Rob Jackson is a MAN! He came on a bulrush, stood up the right tackle and sacks the QB and the RT. He should've got credit for two sacks on that play.Great way to end the half for the defense and the team. 

2nd Half

      Series 1: Defense had the first miss tackles of the game on Peyton Hillis. Tampa exposes the cutback lanes because of bad gap assignments and players not staying home. The defense started getting solid pressure on the QB on a 3rd down but the QB is able to get the ball away for a 30 plus yard gain. On a critical 3rd and 8 in the red zone the defense again brought the pressure and Will Compton with great coverage forced an incomplete. Which held Tampa to a FG attempt. 27-9

            Series 2: Good pressure once again causes a bad throw on 1st down with solid coverage on 2nd down but on 3rd and 8 Chase Minnifield is called for a pass interference call (similar to Amerson’s call the week before). Jose Gumbs shows great closing speed when giving up a cushion by making a great pass breakup on the play. On 3rd and 5, the TE sat down in the zone perfectly to pick up an easy 1st down. The defense is still swarming to the ball, forcing a tackle for loss on 2nd and 3 to force a 3rd and 5. Another sure tackle on 3rd and 5 forces another FG attempt. 30-12.

            Series 3: Defensive backups playing well, but gave up a 4 yard run on 3rd and 2 and are starting to get gashed in the running game. Brandon Jenkins is charged with a questionable unnecessary roughness penalty, but once the whistle is blown, the play is dead (rookie mistake) and the NFL is out to protect players from injury by throwing a flag. The defense is making Tampa Bay move down the field slowly chewing up clock to preserve the win. Defense held for another FG attempt. (Wide Right) 30-12 

            I know this is only pre-season football but these games show the formula for success by running the ball, playing sound defense, forcing turnovers, and not having turnovers. The cuts will be interesting and difficult but all in all the team has gotten better and when you have a hard time getting down to the 53 man roster that means your team’s talent is getting much better. It’s going be very intriguing to see the defensive starters and the packages that Haslett will employ with all his new toys and returning playmakers.(here's the Gif. of the Rob Jackson sack)

(GIF via For The Win/USA Today)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you always give us a great insight on the Redskins inner workings. Keep up the great work I believe this is going to be a Redskins Nation year full of lots of surprises. There is no way we should not be the 2013 NFC East Division Champions again. I did not understand the 4 Quarterback move?? Perhaps you should give us a blog write-up on some background on that final decision. HAIL!! Stephanie Dawkins

@TattooedScorpio said...

Thanks for the kind words and thanks for reading and sharing. I believe the Skins are gonna quiet alot of haters and doubters. My thinkn behind the move is they dont want White goin to a div rival to get info on the zone read and pistol and maybe possibly trying to trade him out of the division but thats just my speculation. will have to wait and see. #HTTR

FedEx Al said...

While it's not on IIWII here's a link to an article about the final 53 moves and why they kept Pat White.

The reason, was b/c Pat White is a mobile left handed QB, who plays a very similar style to the starting, left-handed QB of the Eagles in MIke Vick. White will play him during practice this week.

DeeDee said...

I hope defense continue to progress as well need them to dominate games!! Glad we brought Chase back on PS hopefully he'll make the roster down the line!#HTTR

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