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NFL Week 1: Points, Picks and Predictions

(2013 begins and this just looks wrong Photo: Jessica Stewart/St. Joseph News-Press)
Hey everybody,
The season is just a few hours away and it's time for another run at a Points, Picks and Predictions article. More or less we give you the games, the point spreads, who wins and in a few cases the final score. I plan on doing this every week, but we'll see how it pans out.

Hopefully, with two writers on the site, we can start making multiple predictions every week. But I'm still working with TattooedScorpio on that, we both have non-Redskins related jobs that we have to do when we're not writing.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again to everybody who reads IIWII. For years, I've been joking that I have 12 regular readers to site and that's about it. The truth is that we're doing quite well for a small blog that doesn't advertise much and was originally started as a hobby for a guy who likes to write and talk about football. Enjoy week one, football is back!

Onto the games:

New England @ Buffalo (+9.5): Tough way to start your rookie career for EJ Manuel, but it's not the Bills offense I'm worried about. It's their defense. Tom Brady should pick this team apart.
Pick: Patriots

Minnesota @ Detroit (-5.5): This is a tough game to pick because Detroit ideally is made to stop Minnesota's biggest strength: Adrian Peterson. Also Minnesota doesn't have much to stop Calvin Johnson and the Lions have retooled their running game. This is a tough one, I'm going with the home team but don't like the pick.
Pick: Lions

Atlanta @ New Orleans (-3.5)
Sean Payton is back that means the Saints will be good again right? Nope. They'll be better than they were last year and Drew Brees will still put up crazy fantasy numbers, but I'm not sold on Rob Ryan as the team's DC. Atlanta will try to run the ball to keep it out of Bree's hands and I think it'll work with Steven Jackson.
Pick: Falcons

Oakland @ Indianapolis (-9.5)
I would be surprised if the Colts don't win by 20 here. Thus, the path to the draft for #1 in 2014 begins here.
Pick: Colts

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh (-7.5)
I don't like this point spread at all and I think this game will be much closer than expected. The Steelers are 2012's #1 defense but they are getting old. I think Chris Johnson will have a good day on the ground. The key will be Jake Locker and I think this is where Pittsburgh wins the game.
Pick: Steelers

Kansas City @ Jacksonville (+3.5)
The Return of Andy Reid! Expect lots of passing, no running of the ball despite having one of the better RBs in the league and poor clock management. That said it's more than enough to beat a Jacksonville team that won't give up on their bust of a QB from 2011.
Pick: Chiefs

Seattle @ Carolina (+3.5)
I'm just not sold on Carolina and I think Seattle is a better team.
Pick: Seahawks

Cincinnati @ Chicago (-3.5)
After watching Hard Knocks I think the Bengals are just and overall good team. The Bears have a good defense but I'm not sold on the offense.
Pick: Bengals

Tampa Bay and New York Jets (+ 3.5)
The Jets are horrible. I would have Tampa dominating this game if Josh Freeman could show any consistency.
Pick: Buccaneers

Miami @ Cleveland (-1.5)
I think Norv Turner is one of the worst head coaches of all time. His teams are inept, make stupid mistakes and always become the Dumb and Dumber of the NFL before Norv gets fired. That said, Norv is one of the best OC of all time. With the pieces that the Brown have in place, Norv might be able to make this team one of the better units in the NFL. I said it here first.
Pick: Browns

Green Bay @ San Francisco (-4.5)
This may be the best game of the week. But, I think the 49ers do enough to beat the Packers.
Pick: 49ers

Arizona @ St. Louis (-4.5)
The Rams have the talent, they just have to figure out how to use it to win. Not sold that Carson Palmer will be the next Kurt Warner, but he should help Larry Fitzgerald be one of the better WRs in the league again.
Pick: Rams

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys (-3.5)
Jerryworld! Romo! Carrie Underwood! Well, gosh dangit this SNF is all set up to showcase 'dem Dallas Cowboys. The Giants are always unpredictable because I never can tell which Eli or team will show up from week to week. The Giants enter the season a little dinged up, so it wouldn't surprise me if they lose the opener. Let the Cowboy hype machine begin here, which makes it great when December gets here and they choke away another season.
Pick: Cowboys

Philadelphia @ Washington (-3.5)
I'm really surprised the number is only at 3.5 for the 'Skins. FedEx should be packed and the chants of RGIII will be done so much that any non-Redskins fan will probably be throwing up within the first 20 minutes (or sooner). I'm not sold on Chip Kelly. I think the Eagles will have significant growing pains when it comes to the 3-4 (I discuss that topic over at I expect the Redskins and RGIII to put on a show. That's what Robert Griffin does when the lights of prime time come on.
Pick: Redskins 34-13

Houston @ San Diego (+4.5)
(In my best William Shatner imitation) Must.....Avoid......Berman.....announcing.

Pick: Texans

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