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NFL Week 2: Points, Picks and Predictions

(The Manning Bowl! This photo sums up everything. Image courtesy of Direct TV.)
Woo Hoo! Manning Bowl 3.0! I can imagine some tagline from a boxing promoter saying "this is for all the trophies" (since Peyton and Eli have combined for three Lombardi trophies). Hopefully, Peyton can have a repeat performance against the Giants that he did against the Ravens last week. After the John Mara screw job that has cost the Redskins 36 million dollars over two years, I love to watch the Giants lose-- especially when they lose big.

The Redskins hope to rebound against the Packers, a few teams hope to win this week despite playing well in week one but losing (Bengals, Chargers, Falcons and Raiders come to mind) and the Jaguars would like to actually score something other than a safety this week.

Also, Tattooed Scorpio has jumped on for this week's triple P. Will we agree? Will we disagree? Who knows? Well, you'll know in just a moment.

1 PM Games (EST)

Miami @Indianapolis (-2.0)
FedEx Al: A second home game against a questionable team for the Colts? Man, they have all the Luck, well yeah I guess they do. I expect this to be a much higher scoring game for both teams this week. Luck trumps Tannehill. Pick: Colts

Tattooed Scorpio: This is going to be my upset pick of the week. Miami's defense is very good and I believe that they will pressure and force Andrew Luck into some mistakes. Vic Ballard going on IR is really going to hurt the Colt's offense. Pick: Dolphins

San Diego @ Philadelphia (-7.0)
FedEx Al: God, I hate the ****ing Eagles and their fans after last week, but they're going to beat the Chargers this week. ****!!!!!! Pick: Eagles

Tattooed Scorpio: Chip Kelly's offense is still being unveiled and I believe that it'll be too much for the traveling Chargers to handle. Pick: Eagles

Cleveland @ Baltimore (-6.5)
FedEx Al: Brandon Weeden is living up to expectations of your typical Brown's quarterback. I'm not sure that even Norv Turner can fix him. Pick: Ravens

Tattooed Scorpio: Baltimore has been waiting a long time to get the bad taste of that Manning/Broncos blowout out of their mouths. Cleveland is improved, but the Ravens are ready to punish somebody. Pick: Ravens

Tennessee @ Houston (-9.5)
FedEx Al: Houston had to come back to beat the Chargers, but you have to realize that Pittsburgh is going to be a bad team this year. I'll be curious to see how the Titans handle a more high powered offense.
Pick: Texans

Tattooed Scorpio: Houston is riding high after the comeback from San Diego and it's their home opener. I think they'll be too much for the Titans. Pick: Texans

Carolina @ Buffalo (+3.0)
FedEx Al: I see what Buffalo could look like long term and I think it could be very interesting, but in the short term, Carolina has quietly built a juggernaut of a defense. Now if they could only find some more weapons for Cam Newton other than Steve Smith. Pick: Panthers

Tattooed Scorpio: Carolina's defense has vastly improved, but I'm not sure if it will be able to slow down the speedsters of the Bills. That said, the Bills secondary is not the greatest. Pick: Panthers

St. Louis @ Atlanta (-6.0)
FedEx Al: I still think the Falcons are the team to beat in the NFC South, especially at home. The Rams had problems with Carson Palmer, they'll have even more problems with Matt Ryan and the Falcon's O.
Pick: Falcons

Tattooed Scorpio: The St. Louis defense is going to be primed to shut down the high powered Atlanta offense and Atlanta's defense will have its hands full but I'm going with the home team.
Pick: Falcons

Minnesota @ Chicago (-5.5)
FedEx Al: Cutler to Marshall, I think we'll be hearing a lot of that this year. Meanwhile Adrian Peterson is discovering that the NFC North have bulked up to stop him.
Pick: Bears

Tattooed Scorpio: Chicago's defense is still stout against the run and forcing turnovers. Minnesota still has Christian Ponder at QB.....nothing else to say.
Pick: Bears

Dallas @ Kansas City (-3.0) 
FedEx Al: I think the Cowboys are in for a rude awakening at the hands of Andy Reid. Pick: Chiefs

Tattooed Scorpio: Andy Reid has his first chance to go against an NFC East team and I believe that they will be in for a surprise. Dallas won't get six turnovers from the Chiefs. Pick: Chiefs

Washington @ Green Bay (-7.0)
FedEx Al: My head says Packers, but I'm going with my heart here. I can't count the 'Skins out this early in the season. Earlier this week I was labeled a "hater" from some of my post-game comments, probably after this post I'll be labeled a "homer".
Pick: Redskins 38-31

Tattooed Scorpio: Both teams are looking to rebound from losses in week 1 and I'm sure we will not be seeing a fouir turnover game from the Redskins. Expect the dynamic duo of Morris and Griffin to make up for last week's offensive mishaps.
Pick: Redskins

4PM Games (EST)

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (+3.0)
FedEx Al: Tampa has a decent defense, but their offense has been highly questionable. Brees is going to put plenty of points on the board so that Tampa has no chance of coming back.
Pick: Buccaneers

Tattooed Scorpio: With all the turmoil and confusion in Tampa Bay, I don't see them standing a chance against Drew Brees and the high flying Saints offense. Probably a blowout. Pick: Buccaneers

Detroit @ Arizona (+2.0)
FedEx Al: Here's my crazy pick of the week. I'm going with the Cardinals if Larry Fitzgerald plays. I really think that Carson Palmer will be throwing early and often against Detroit. Fitzgerald is a game time decision and a game changer.
Pick: w/Fitzgerald- Cardinals, w/o Fitzgerald- Lions

Tattooed Scorpio: Detroit going on the road isn't normally a good thing but with the opponent being Arizona with a not 100% Larry Fitzgerald it makes this pick a little easier and the addition of Reggie Bush to Detroit's already potent offense this one might get ugly. Pick: Lions

Jacksonville @ Oakland (-5.0)
FedEx Al: Man, is this game going to be a stinker. The sad thought of all of this is that one of these teams will have a better record than the loser of the Redskins/Packers game after week two ends.
Pick: Raiders

Tattooed Scorpio: This is going to be a ugly game, but I still have to pick a team. Terrelle Pryor had his ups and downs in his debut and the Jags scored 2 points in week 1 ( coin flipping in the air as I type) and the winner is.... Pick: Raiders

Denver @ NY Giants (+ 4.0)
FedEx Al: Manning Bowl. Peyton is 2-0 against his little brother. Here's to 3-0! Pick: Broncos

Tattooed Scorpio: Once again its the Manning Bowl with Peyton going against Eli and I think the older Manning team is a lot better than the younger and with the fumbling of David Wilson and the defense not being the force it once was. Pick: Broncos 

Sunday Night Football

San Francisco @ Seattle (-3.0)
FedEx Al: Tough game. The 49ers played extremely well last week, but they're heading to one of the toughest places to play in the NFL with a crowd trying to break a world record for noise in a stadium.
Pick: Seahawks

Tattooed Scorpio: This should be a hard hitting division rivalry that will possibly go down to the wire because of the strong defenses that both teams possess but I believe the 49ers offense will be too much. Pick: 49ers

Monday Night Football

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati (-7.0)
FedEx Al: This may be the game where the torch is passed from one of the strongest teams in the AFC North to a divisional rival. I still think Cincy is the team to beat in the AFC North. Pick: Bengals

Tattooed Scorpio: The Steelers looked old and bad against the Titans and I don't see a different outcome this week against the Bengals versatile and potent offense. Pick: Bengals

For thoughts during the games you can follow me @IIWIISOWSkins or Tattooed Scorpio @TattooedScorpio on Twitter. And keep checking back on IIWII for Redskins news, info. and game recaps.

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