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NFL Week 3: Points, Picks and Predictions

(Who said blockbuster trades didn't happen anymore? AP Photo/Michael Conroy)
So, Trent Richardson is a Colt. Is this a good thing or a bad thing for the Colts? Well, it's probably a good thing but it hurts a lot of people playing fantasy football. Andrew Luck will get less pass attempts, Ahmad Bradshaw is now just a handcuff player (I dropped him from my team this week) and people who have Richardson are wondering if he'll continue to slump now that he has to learn a new system for a new team. I have Richardson on my fantasy roster and so far this season, he's killing me.

The bigger question though is whether this helps the Colts in both the short and long term. Chuck Pagano seems to be the type (assuming this since he was the defensive coordinator for the Ravens two seasons ago.) of coach that wants to pound the ball and build a defense. This could help Luck immensely since his days at Stanford were like the suggested situation.

Anyway, this week we'll see if Richardson can help in the short term as he faces the 49ers. For the Browns, it's another year of futility. Maybe they can get their franchise QB with the additional 1st rounder and battling Jacksonville to be the most inept team in the league.

Don't worry though, the Cleveland fans are kind of used to this as shown in another of Mike Polk's videos:

Ok, onto the picks.

1PM Games (EST)

San Diego @ Tennessee (-3.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: With San Diego used to making a cross country trip for the second week in a row after beating Philadelphia and a Phillip Rivers that has a QB rating of 115 the odds are in their favor. Titans have Chris Johnson but that's about it.
Pick: Chargers

FedEx Al: Kudos to the Titans for having an improved O-line and defense, but when the Chargers are playing to their potential, they are a much better team.
Pick: Chargers

Cleveland @ Minnesota (-6.5)
Tattooed Scorpio: The game of the inept and underachieving  QB's. I don't see anyway that Cleveland goes into Minnesota and beats Adrian Peterson and the Vikes. Really not to much more else to say about this game.....
Pick: Vikings

FedEx Al: The Browns may hold Adrian Peterson to under a hundred and limit a few drives to FGs. The problem with the Browns is that they don't have a QB. And now they don't have a running back either. Expect a low scoring, ugly game with AP getting a lone TD that seals the game for the Vikings.
Pick: Vikings

Tampa Bay @ New England (-9.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: I see this game getting out of hand. New England has won by a combined 3 points in its first two wins of the season. I say they will definitely improve on those numbers this week against a drama filled and underachieving Buccaneers team. I see Tom Brady having a big day with the return of Gronkowski.
Pick: Patriots

FedEx Al: Tom Brady has no weapons. This is why every game with the Pats have been so close. That said, Brady can do enough with what little he has to get the job done. Tampa may have the first coach firing of the year at this point.
Pick: Patriots

Houston @ Baltimore (+2.0)
Tattooed Scorpio:  With the game time decision on Ed Reed and his repaired hip in his return to Baltimore, I still give Houston the upper hand in this game. Also, Ray Rice is a game time decision with his sore hip if Ray doesn't go Baltimore could be in for a long day.
Pick: Texans

FedEx Al: Pierce should be able to move the ball against the Texans and the Texans have struggled at times defensively. The Ravens are a hard team to beat at home and Matt Schaub is known for having a key turnover and the Texans starting LT and WR (Andre Johnson) are banged up. I'm smelling an upset.
Pick: Ravens

St. Louis @ Dallas (-4.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: This is gonna be my upset pick of the week.With both teams coming in 1-1, I see the Rams going into Dallas with their stingy defense and explosive WR's and handing Dallas it's second loss of the season. I think Dallas's defense will have trouble with those quick, fast, and shifty wide receivers.
Pick: Rams

FedEx Al: I'm not sold on Dallas and the Tampa-2. Tony Romo will have to deal with a strong Rams pass rush all game. I really like Sam Bradford in this game to put up big numbers.
Pick: Rams

Arizona @ New Orleans (-7.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: With Arizona coming into New Orleans with a injured Larry Fitzgerald and a New Orleans team that plays much differently front of its home fans, it'll be tough for the Cardinals to pull this one out. For fantasy fans, I know I don't need to say this but ....start Drew Brees this week.
Pick: Saints

FedEx Al: This will be a fun game to watch. I expect a shootout between Brees and Carson Palmer. Go with the team playing in their home dome.
Pick: Saints

Detroit @ Washington (EVEN)
Tattooed Scorpio: This game is my head scratcher of the week. The Lions are 8th in yards and 4th in points. If the Redskins don't tackle and start out offensively stagnant, this game may get out of hand quickly like the previous two games...but still.
Pick: Redskins

FedEx Al:  The Lions have never won in DC. Never at Griffith Stadium. Never at RFK. Never at FedEx Field. And yet, this Lion's team thinks that they'll break this streak. I don't think they're the best Lion team I've seen play the Redskins at home but I'm 0-2 with my Redskins picks, so here's hoping I go 0-3. Going to pick the Lions with some reverse psychology here. Prove me wrong 'Skins, prove me wrong....
Pick: Lions 31- 24

Green Bay @ Cincinnati (+3.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: We saw what Aaron Rodgers could do with his record tying 480 yards against the Redskins and the Bengals defense is struggling so far this short season. With Green Bay finding its running game and the Bengals not having a strong enough running game to try to control the clock and slow the Packers down, it could be a long day in Ohio for Andy and the Bengals.
Pick: Packers

FedEx Al: Packers are riding a high after last week's clobbering of the 'Skins. The Bengals are a much better team than Washington at the moment. I like the Bengals in a bit of a shoot out.
Pick: Bengals

NY Giants @ Carolina (+ 1.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: Battle of the 0-2 teams. The Giants and their 10 turnovers vs. Carolina with its two late game losses and with a defense that has a lot of injuries over the last two games. I don't think New York will have another four turnover game with Carolina's defensive depth being tested early and Cam isn't getting any help from his million dollar backfield.
Pick: Giants

FedEx Al: This is really a do or die type of game for both of these teams. Tom Coughlin generally doesn't lose games like these. I expect another heartbreaker for the Panthers late in the 4th quarter. The Panthers are another team that may have a fired coach before the end of the year.
Pick: Giants

4PM Games (EST)

Atlanta @ Miami (-3.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: With the Falcons limping into Miami and the Dolphins being a surprising 2-0 with a balanced attack on offense and stingy defense. Not to mention the Dolphins having the home field advantage (crappy field and grass) I don't see Atlanta faring well in Miami.
Pick: Dolphins

FedEx Al:  I'm not sold on Miami. Even though I expect the Dolphins to move the ball and put up points on Atlanta's banged up defense, I think the Falcon have enough weapons to match and top what Miami puts on the board.
Pick: Falcons

Indianapolis @ San Francisco (-10.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: With Indy making huge news by trading for Trent Richardson and getting a young stud running back that finally has a throwing threat to go with his hard nosed running style should be interesting...but not for this game. San Francisco will be out for blood after getting embarrassed by the Seahawks last week.
Pick: 49ers

FedExAl: The 49ers have stopped the run pretty well already this year. They won't have any problems at home vs. Richardson. Frank Gore should finally get some production on the ground.
Pick: 49ers

Jacksonville @ Seattle (-19.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: This is my laffer of the week. The spread is 19....Seattle might put 50 points on the Jaguars who as a team has only scored 11 points as a team in two games.
Pick: Seahawks

FedEx Al: Do I really have to write about this game? Can't the Jags just forfeit it, we would all understand if they did.
Pick: Seahawks

Buffalo @ NY Jets (-2.5)
Tattooed Scorpio:  Battle of the rookie mobile QBs . After E.J Manuel's last second comeback win against Carolina and Geno Smith's 3 INT performance against the Patriots, I'm not sold on the rookie from the 2nd round (Smith).
Pick: Bills

FedEx Al: Another low scoring game. The Jets really should be 0-2 and if it wasn't for the sheer will of Tom Brady (with an assist to the injured Danny Amendola) the Bills could be 2-0. I am starting to understand why the Bills drafted Manuel probably a round or two higher than expected.
Pick: Bills

Sunday Night Football

Chicago @ Pittsburgh (+1.5)
Tattooed Scorpio: With Jay Cutler looking like the QB everyone has claimed him to be by having two comeback wins to start the season and Pittsburgh looking old and not being able to run the ball I see Chicago going into Pittsburgh and putting the Steelers in a totally unfamiliar place 0-3.
Pick: Bears

FedEx Al: Pittsburgh has no offense. Their defense will eventually wear out and that'll be about it. Only way things end up differently is if Jay Cutler throws a bunch of interceptions. I don't expect that in this game.
Pick: Bears

Monday Night Football

Oakland @ Denver (-15.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: Peyton Manning may match his seven TD performance against the Raiders. The Raiders do look better with Terrelle Pryor at the QB but Denver is the best team in football right now and don't see Oakland being able to handle their offense.
Pick: Broncos

FedEx Al: A lot of people have Denver as their suicide pick in suicide pools this week. I think that's a mistake. Never put money or picks on a Broncos/Raiders game. The underdog tends to surprise even if they suck. Historically, these teams play each other rather close. That said, I expect the Broncos to beat the Raiders pretty easily.
Pick: Broncos


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