Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Recap Redskins Vs Packers

Recap: Redskins VS Packers

Well Redskins Nation after that terrible loss I needed a 12 hour withdrawal from football to try and understand and comprehend what just happened against the Green Bay Packers. I pride myself at being able to look at the game and see what really lead to the team's success or failures and to be honest ....I'm left scratching my head. This game was badly coached, badly played and poorly executed. It's rare that I've used those words to describe my beloved team, but I can see nothing else but bad football. Between the dumb and badly timed penalties, bad field position and the inability to get any type of offensive rhythm I'll have to use the word Mike Shanahan used "embarrassed" to describe this week for the Redskins.

Robert Griffin III once again started off rusty and I noticed that the coaches are not calling any zone read plays that helped make this team a offensive juggernaut in 2012. I'm left wondering why the team isn't running any zone read option offense if Robert is healthy? Is it because they want him to get more of the rust off before they start running it again? Is it that he isn't fully healthy to run the offense, or is it that they want his knee to get used to the rigors and stress of being back on the field exposed to live action? Well, whatever the reason is, this team and offense isn't the same without the threat of running the zone read to help loosen up the defensive pressure that teams are sending. The rhythm of the offense has been terrible so far and must improve for this team to reach their goals and aspirations for 2013. Last year this team often started fast and kept the offensive pressure on opponents. They rarely looked out of synch or out of rhythm during the final seven games of the 2012 regular season but this year has been the total opposite and I have yet to come up with a definitive answer.

My next issue is the constant dumb penalties at the worst possible times in the game. I'm not gonna rehash all the penalties but the team has to address these fouls especially the 15 yard personal fouls, they give the other team automatic first downs. Penalties change field position and gives the opponents momentum in the game which, in this game, is so very important. It seems like a lack of discipline and frustration is boiling over when the team is facing adversity but no matter what happens on the field, you have to keep your composure and if you want to retaliate do it on the field and in a legal way. This team has too much talent, veteran leadership, and coaching to be making these mental mistakes and constant errors, shooting
themselves in the foot. After the teams success in 2012, and all the off season hype surrounding this team, they have to realize that they have a target on their backs and are gonna get everyone's best efforts. 
So they have to bring their "A" game, execute their game plan, and play as a team. That's the one thing that stands out to me, is they're not playing as a team. For the Redskins to be successful this season, especially with this schedule, they have to play as a complete team.

My last thought is about the secondary. The team might have to re think having two rookies on the back end. It really is causing problems for a defense that's trying to shake off an up and down 2012 in which the safety play was a major issue. Not saying that the problems with the secondary is all on Bacarri Rambo, but opposing QB's are using their eyes to fool the young safety and get him out of  position. He's also still having some difficulty with his open field tackles. Most of the defense's problems is  with poor tackling. I haven't seen this so many missed tackles in a long time by this team, it really stood out to me when seeing the normally sure tackler like Reed Doughty missing tackles in open space. Final thought is that it might be time to look for another strong safety since Brandon Meriweather can't seem to stay healthy and be able to stay on the field. Unless he can recover from this latest issue (concussion) in time for next weeks game. I like him because of his ability to cover and lay a big hit. On the play he got hurt on, I don't know about the new rules specifically, it looked like when Brandon was trying to hit with his shoulder, James Starks lowered his head and made a helmet to helmet hit which caused the concussion. I thought that was something that the refs were supposed to be monitoring. I wasn't able to see the hit that put Eddie Lacy out (also involving Meriweather) but this hit looked like the running back lowered his head to initiate contact.

Sorry for all the negatives, but after this game I really saw nothing positive in this game worth discussing. This team has to get it together, play as a team and cut out the unnecessary, dumb, and ill timed penalties or this won't be a "Season To Remember" ..... for anything positive anyway. I personally still love my team and will root for them until I am no longer on this earth but they have to step it up with Detroit coming to town. Even if Reggie Bush might not be 100% or even play, Detroit does have a potent offense with one of the best, if not best WR's, in the game in Calvin Johnson . If the Redskins get off to a start like the previous two games and continue to make the same mistakes, this will be a long season. As always #HTTR. You can follow me for all your Redskins and football news on Twitter @TattooedScorpio and can follow the editor for this blog, writer for @SonofWashington and good friend @IIWIISOWSkins and don't forget to subscribe to the blog for a email whenever a new article is posted. Hopefully wont be anymore recaps like this in the future. #BeatDaLion


Let's Find H-Man A Wife said...

I get all the negative as well. We always beat the Lions though: Here's my take:

Pultee said...

Spot-on with pointing out troubling challenges issues. I said once I"ll say it again and this time it's more obvious. I consider mechanics and rust to be one in the same with that said, like any sport it's where are you mentally. Some come ready and others have to play catch-up. I observed the latter. RG will need at least two more games before the opposing teams will feel his effectiveness. Fumbles are in large part a mental awareness as are INT. You're right, it was as bad people may say or think considering their come back ability. The captain should be humble and a leader and don't by into the hype or at least keep it at a safe distant. His humbleness is starting to show. From the coaches down to the players no one is mentally showing up at the game. Sound like a broken record, not my fault.

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