Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week One Thursday Night Football Prediction

(Will we see a repeat of last year's playoff game? Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty)

While I really don't care that much about the Broncos and many Raven fans get on my nerves from time to time, I'm glad football is back and Ravens/Broncos is one of the better choices for the league to make to start off the season.

Of course, it should be in Baltimore and the Ravens should have the opportunity to win their first game at home. Surprisingly, Roger Goodell didn't screw this one up. Nope, you can blame the Orioles of all teams for it. Meanwhile, the O's are floundering in the midst of a playoff run.

Karma or lack of "Orioles Magic"? Not really, they just don't have the greatest pitching staff.

Okay, time for the pick:
Broncos 27, Ravens16

I expect the Broncos to put up points even though the Ravens defense is going to be better than many are predicting. The problem is that I don't see much of a passing game for Baltimore beyond Ray Rice. Sure, Torrey Smith is a deep threat but he disappears in games and they don't have a Dennis Pitta or Anquan Boldin to make that key 6-8 yards to keep a drive alive.

Yes, the Ravens did pick up Brandon Stokley and Dallas Clark, but I'm not seeing Joe Flacco being that elite QB that the Ravens paid him to be. This season will again be on the shoulder's of Ray Rice. And he'll do his best to put the Ravens in scoring position but I'm just not sold on them doing enough in this game to win.

We'll be back doing this throughout the year and hopefully we'll get some picks by both me and TattooedScorpio through the season so keep reading.

Thanks again, only three more days until Monday!

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