Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week Three Thursday Night Football Prediction

(Andy Reid probably has another finger for his Eagles fans. Image via)
Andy Reid is coming home to Philly and hopefully Andy can keep my streak alive of picking correctly on Thursday Night Football. So far I'm 2-0 on TNF and while I've stunk it up when it comes to the rest of the week (thanks in part to my beloved Redskins of Washington) I'm still UNDEFEATED on Thursday!!!!!

So here we go to Philly, home of cheese steaks, the Liberty Bell and some of the most crazed fans in the NFL. This should be fun. I know you're expecting the Eagles' fans to boo Andy Reid, but they won't. Well, not most of them anyway. I'm mean we are talking Philadelphia here. It's a crime to not boo something there at least once a day. People have booing quotas damn it!

You see they fired Andy, he didn't quit on them for something better and that's okay. If you're Jayson Werth and chose to leave for a bigger contract and the chance to be one of the bigger names for the Nationals, then expect beers to be thrown and every thing that can be said about his mom probably has been said.

Here's the thing, Reid  is a good coach and has a great scheme. Sure, he has his faults (give me ten minutes and I can talk about all of them) but there are reasons why the Eagles went to so many NFC title games (and it wasn't just McNabb, although that's what he'd tell you). Then you have the Chiefs defense, which is pretty impressive from what I've seen of it (It begs the question, who the hell is Bob Sutton and why have I never heard of him before?).

So it makes sense that Reid wins this one. It's payback. Reid knows his former players as well, if not better than Chip Kelly. And just because the Eagles kicked the crap out of my team's defense for a half, doesn't say that much about Chip Kelly's vaunted Oregon scheme at the NFL level.

I think there's a few NCAA teams that would put up 30 against the 'Skins at this point and no I'm not talking about Alabama.

So the Eagles lose for the 2nd straight week at home (fitting) and all is right in the world.

Pick: Chiefs

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