Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week Two Thursday Night Football Prediction

(Can Geno Smith do it again in week two? Image via.)

This game is pretty easy to pick. You have to go with the Patriots because the Jets are just a bad team. Don't forget the Jets won the game thanks to two major screw ups by the Buccaneers. The first was a safety thanks to a bad snap/fumble. Second was a major mistake by Lavonte David as he pushed Geno Smith as he was heading out of bounds late in the game.

Thanks to those blunders, the Jets win by one point. Hard to believe with all of the offseason drama, but there are teams worse than the Jets out there. Yes, Geno Smith looked pretty good out there during the clutch but this week he's up against Tom Brady and Darth Hoodie (aka Bill Belichick) so the odds that he can repeat week one seems less likely.

Brady doesn't have much to work with. Gronk and Amendola will probably be out this week along with Shane Vereen. But he generally finds a way to still put up some decent numbers with little available.

The AFC East is pretty putrid with exception to the Patriots and this is just another game to solidify this statement.

I bet the Rex Ryan postgame interview/press conference will be a riot.

Pick: Patriots

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