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NFL Week 7: Points Picks And Predictions

(This is Classic Jay Cutler)

I'm working on an article for Son of Washington about Jay Cutler vs. DeAngelo Hall and it's amazing how small of a world a 32 team NFL can be. Here's some examples:

-  The Oakland Raiders trade for D. Hall in 2008 off-season for 2nd and 5th round picks from the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta uses the 2nd rounder to trade with the Redskins 1st round pick to get OT Sam Baker. The Redskins use their new acquired 2nd rounders (theirs plus Atlanta and Oakland's 2nd rounders) to get Devin Thomas, Fred Davis and Malcolm Kelly (great drafting there Vinny Cerrato!).

- Jay Cutler faces off against D. Hall and with some great receptions by Eddie Royal, smokes Hall in week 1 of the 2008 season. Hall is later cut mid-season and signs with the Redskins. Hall has gone to have a pretty decent career in Washington after struggling in Oakland.

- Meanwhile, Cutler's coach of the 2008 season none other than Mike Shanahan, is fired at the end of the season. After a year out of the league, Shanahan takes over as head coach of the rock bottom Redskins in 2010.

- Before the start of the 2009 season Cutler, Hall and Shanahan are gone from their team's they were on at the start of 2008. Jay Cutler is traded to the Chicago Bears for a bevy of picks (Two 1st round picks, a 2009 3rd round pick and QB Kyle Orton). The Redskins tried to get in on the Cutler auction but lacked the picks to make a serious play. Three years later, the Redskins traded the farm to the St. Louis Rams for the 2nd overall pick in the draft, which became Robert Griffin III.

- Cutler faces Hall (now with Shanahan as his coach) for the 2nd time in 2010. Hall picks off Cutler for 4 INTs and returns one for a TD.

I could go on with connections with Eddie Royal and Brandon Marshall, but we really need to get to the picks. Enjoy the games and keep an eye on Cutler/Hall III. It should be an interesting match up.

1PM Games (EST)

New England @ New York Jets (+3.5)
Tattooed Scorpio: With the Patriots getting healthier on offense (RB Steven Ridley and TE Rob Gronkowski) but hurting on defense (Nt Vince Wilfork and LB Jared Mayo IR) I see Tom Brady taking this game over like the last second win the week before. The Jets have been surprisingly efficient on offense for the most part and very solid on defense but I think Tom is gonna do his thing.
Pick: Patriots

FedEx Al: I still think this will be another low scoring game just like their first matchup, but I expect Brady to pull it out with another victory.
Pick: Patriots

San Diego @ Jacksonville (+7.5)
Tattooed Scorpio: Well I said it before and I'll say it again... I believe the Jaguars will go 0-16 this season. With that being said......
Pick: Chargers

FedEx Al: The Jags showed some life last week, but I'm not buying it. Start Phillip Rivers in your fantasy league this week if you don't have a super elite QB.
Pick: Chargers

Cincinnati @ Detroit (-2.5)
Tattooed Scorpio: his is gonna be another game where you're not sure which team is gonna show up or show out. I think with the Lions and their free agent pickup Reggie Bush is gonna be the difference in this game. The Bengals just don't have a answer for him in my opinion and their defense has been getting  better week to week.
Pick: Lions

FedEx Al: Lions have played very tough at home. The Bengals have been very inconsistent all year. I like the Lions in a close one.
Pick: Lions

Buffalo @ Miami (-7.5)
Tattooed Scorpio: In another division game, this time in the AFC East surprising Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins looking to keep pace with the Pats are looking to stay balanced and beat a up and down Buffalo team that has found different ways to win and loss games this season. I think the Miami defense will be too dominate for the Bills.
Pick: Dolphins

FedEx Al: Dolphins D is pretty strong and you're asking a lot of Thad Lewis to win this game.
Pick: Dolphins

Dallas @ Philadelphia (- 2.5)
Tattooed Scorpio:  A battle in the NFC East for the sole possession of first place in the division and with the Cowboys bend but don't break defense hurting from injuries and the Eagles defense just being bad for no reason at all I think we might see a good ol fashion shootout. Both offenses are explosive and can score from anywhere on the field. I think the winner we be the last team with the ball. I'll go with the home team.
Pick: Eagles

FedEx Al: This game may be another one that comes down to a shootout. If it does, I like Dallas despite their ability to choke in important games. Expect a big game by Dez Bryant this week after he was rather quiet against D. Hall and the Redskins.
Pick: Cowboys

Chicago @ Washington (-1.0)
Tattooed Scorpio:  Everything says to me this will be a hard game to win for the Redskins, with Chicago's versatile offense, quick strike special teams and play making defense against the Redskins inconsistent offense, porous special teams and improving defense. But I think and hope this is the game that the Skins can put it all together and maybe get another 4 INT game from DeAngelo Hall (or the secondary as a whole).
Pick: Redskins

FedEx Al: I get gut feelings on games, I usually don't listen to them. Generally I had bad feelings about the Eagles and Cowboys games. This one? I actually have a good feeling. Not sure why. The Bears on paper have a better team and should have a big game on Sunday. That said, I'm taking the Redskins. I'm a bit surprised that the spread has the Redskins as favorites.
Pick: Redskins 24-21

St. Louis @ Carolina (-4.5)
Tattooed Scorpio: Whoever you take in this game is a gamble, with both of these teams being inconsistent and not being  able to get outta their own way most of the season. I'm gonna go out on a limb and take the Rams in the mild upset just because their defense is hit or miss lately but the match up of Finnegan vs Smith will be a good one to watch all game.
Pick: Rams

FedEx Al: If Cam Newton is going to break out, I think this will be the week. Carolina's defense may do a good job slowing the Rams inefficient  offense. I think the Panthers can do enough to overcome the Rams this week.
Pick: Panthers

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta (-7.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: This is my UPSET special of the week. I think Tampa will finally get a win versus the beat up Falcons squad the lost it best play maker on offense for the season in Julio Jones and with a non existent running game. This maybe Tampa's shot at getting win after the whole Josh Freeman debacle but I still think the head coach is outta there after this season.
Pick: Buccaneers

FedEx Al: If the Falcons don't win another game this season, that'll be fine with me. The one game I expected them to win (vs. Jets), they lost and knocked me out of my suicide pool. That said, even with a banged up Falcons D and no Julio Jones, I still think the Falcons have enough with the home field to beat the Bucs.
Pick: Falcons

4PM Games (EST)

San Francisco @ Tennessee (+3.5)
Tattooed Scorpio:  Ever since the Colts walked into San Fran and beat up on the so called "most physical team in the NFL" and two of their stellar ILBs not in the mix I really don't have that much faith in the 49ers on the road. They say Jake Locker might be staring this week and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but I won't go against the defending NFC Champs.
Pick: 49ers

FedEx Al: The 49ers don't seem like a 4-2 team. It feels like they've lost more games than that. But I don't knowif the Titans have played well enough to make me choose them.
Pick: 49ers

Houston @ Kansas City (-6.5)
Tattooed Scorpio: With the Texans going to their 3rd string rookie QB I don't see them standing a chance against the play making defense of the Chiefs and great game management of Alex Smith. I think Gary Kubiak maybe on the hot seat and with their once stellar QB on the bench hurt and when healthy throwing pick 6's they will need this win but they wont get it.
Pick: Chiefs

FedEx Al: Back up QB, banged up offense, inconsistent D? Yep. Bring that into Arrowhead stadium against a good Chiefs team with a strong defense.....that doesn't look good for you. That's what the Texans are bringing on Sunday.
Pick: Chiefs

Cleveland @ Green Bay (-10.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: Aaron Rodgers will be without his biggest playmaker Randall Cobb (player on both my fantasy teams) and James Jones being a game time decision
I don't know if he'll have enough weapons to combat the Browns stout defense. The Packers do have a resurgent running game with the rookie Eddie Lacy so Rodgers has a respectable play action fake to get his untested backup WRs open if the running game is effective.
Pick: Packers
FedEx Al: A few weeks ago when Hoyer was on the roster, I may have picked the Browns here. Today, not so much.
Pick: Packers
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (-2.0)
Tattooed Scorpio: This is one of the most physical rivalries in the NFL as of late but with the division not being as strong as it once was no telling what might happen by the end of the season. Pittsburgh coming off its first win of the season and looking to get a winning streak going and with their bitter rival and defending Super Bowl Champs coming to town this should be the perfect motivation to get things going in the right direction.
Pick: Steelers
FedEx Al: Why am I picking the Ravens week after week? I don't know. It's not like they're my team. Heck, I have Raven fans all around me where I live and I struggle to keep at least one of my nephews rooting for the Burgundy and Gold. That said, I hate Pittsburgh's offense. Ravens can occasionally put up TDs, Steelers have only been able to put up FGs.
Pick: Ravens
Sunday Night Football
Denver @ Indianapolis ( +6.5)
Tattooed Scorpio: Peyton Manning's first time back to the place where he was drafted and eventually won a Super Bowl and Andrew Luck gets to play the guy he was drafted to replace and take their franchise back to the promise land. The Colts have been a surprisingly good team especially after trading for Trent Richardson. Peyton and the broncos have been like a robot and winning at will. With Von Miller starting his first game after his 6 game suspension and Champ Bailey possibly making his first start also, this team is getting healthier and are undefeated.
Pick: Broncos
FedEx Al: This will be a tough game for Colt fans. You probably still root for Manning, I mean it wasn't his choice to leave the Colts (that's on Jim Irsay). But you want your team to win. You wan Andrew Luck the new upstart to overshadow the willy veteran. But I don't think all the piped in noise is going to make that much of a difference. I can't see anybody stopping the Broncos offense at this point.
Pick: Broncos

Monday Night Football

Minnesota @ New York Giants (-3.5)
Tattooed Scorpio: I have NO idea whats going on in the Big Apple with Eli Manning and the Giants but at least they're in last place and the Redskins aren't. With Matt Cassel starting, the Vikings have looked like a better team and with Adrian Peterson on your team that gives you a big advantage at winning as long as the QB doesn't give the game away with turnovers or bad decisions.
Pick: Vikings
FedEx Al: The Giants are 0-6! Wow, that says a lot for a putrid NFCE this season. The Giants are not as bad as The Jaguars or Buccaneers. They will not go 0-16 and I think this may be the game where they finally break their losing streak. No, I don't like it either.
Pick: Giants

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