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Recap: Redskins Vs Bears

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Well Redskins Nation, it feels good to say it's #VictoryMonday after a hard fought comeback victory against the Chicago Bears. Could this be the win this team needed to "right the ship" and get some momentum going forward to make a run at a playoff spot and possibly repeat as NFC East Champion.But let's not get ahead of ourselves, this team has to fix some major issues and get more consistent in all phases of the game. The game changed in the 2nd quarter when Jay Cutler went out with a torn groin muscle (out 4 weeks) when he was sacked by Chris Baker (1st career sack) and it didn't look like anything major when he got hit but apparently it was. Once again the special (needs) teams gave up a  81 yard return for touchdown by Devin Hester, who tied Deion Sanders record with 19th return for TD. It was superbly blocked by the Bears but for the second week in a row Niles Paul had the returner in his grasp but failed to make the tackle or atleast slow him up for someone else to make the tackle. The one good thing that came out of this was that the unit didn't implode after that return, they actually improved and the highlight was when Jose Gumbs  made a bone jarring tackle of the returner short of the 20 yard line. Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris looked like the rookies that were the dynamic duo that propelled this team to the title and a improbable run to the playoffs. For the second week in a row Griffin has a season high in rushing yards with 77 yards last week and 84 yards this week. The second year quarterback looks like he has the confidence in his repaired knee to go out and be the playmaker that he was and is. Roy Helu Jr.may has made his case to stay a vital cog in this offense by scoring three TD's and the third being the game winning score 3 yard scamper to the end zone. Last but definitely not least on offense the 3rd round steal Jordan Reed, this rookie broke several Redskins TE records and along the way had his breakout game of the season. With his 9 catches 134 yards and a 3 yard TD catch off a beautifully thrown fade pattern where he abused the safety C. Conte. On defense I have to highlight the play of the whole unit but for the second week in a row DeAngelo Hall get the first star of the game. He all but shutdown the big time receiver Brandon Marshall who had a quiet 6 catches for 75 yards and most importantly no TD's. Brian Orakpo (who is one of my favorite Redskins)  got his first interception and pick 6 of his career when another one of my favorite players Reed Doughty had tight coverage of Alshon Jeffrey. Reed forced a deflection and bobble of the ball which fell right into the hands of the 2-time pro bowler Orakpo who returned it 29 yards for the score to give the team the lead for the first time in the game. I'm not gonna go into the Brandon Meriweather launching himself and getting flagged (twice) all I'm gonna say is reputation rules in the NFL and he maybe looking at a possible suspension since he's a repeat offender. Now lets get to breakdown and grading position group by position group:

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Quarterback: Robert Griffin III reminded us that he is still a dynamic athlete, quarterback and reigning OROY. He gashed the defense on runs and showed off his new rookie playmaker Jordan Reed. Robert did have a couple of bad throws, which included an ill advised throw into triple coverage which resulted in a interception by the ball hawk Charles Tillman but he was more fundamentally sound. The last drive to win the game was impressive and showed how comfortable the QB has become in the offense and how easily he moved the team down the field to win the game. Grade:B

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Running Back: Alfred Morris, Robert Griffin III and Roy Helu Jr. showed sticking with the running game does payoff with another game over 200 total yards of rushing offense. Helu really looked like the rookie that started and had three consecutive 100 yard games while he was the starter in 2011, he was a change of pace back that was too much for the Bears to keep out of the end zone. Alfred was Alfred running threw arm tackles and dragging defenders for extra yards before they could get him down, his running style is what loosens up the defense for Helu to do his damage.Grade:A

Wide Receivers: This unit did improve from last week's dreadful performance but it wasn't a big improvement. We still saw drops by normally sure handed receivers and at times slim to no separation from the DBs. Despite that Aldrick Robinson made a 45 yard TD catch on a deep pass that fell into his arms as he beat double coverage for a much needed score. Hopefully he can start contributing more, he had another nice grab for 30 yards. I don't know what's going on with Santana Moss but he isn't resembling the WR that caught everything thrown his way last year. If he can't get his hands on the ball in the passing game I say put him on punt returns. Leonard Hankerson took a step back this game with a couple of drops and only one reception. Grade:C+

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Tight Ends: With Fred Davis being inactive (healthy scratch) and Logan Paulsen returning from injury it showed that Jordan Reed was going to be a featured target on this day. Of the first six passes RGIII threw all six went to rookie TE and he caught all of them and made a great grab on the fade route to score. The blocking has improved by this young unit as the season has progressed. It's sad to say but possible that we wont see Fred Davis in a Redskins uniform again, unless he can get his practice habits up to the coaches standards.  But it might be time for a change on scenery for the still young TE to get his career back on track.Grade:B

Offensive Line: After last week's embarrassment at the hands of a division rival this unit played better but still have much room for improvement. The interior of the line did block better and didn't look over matched like last week. That being said they did block for a second consecutive 200 yard plus rushing as a team. Chris Chester did make one of the possible game saving plays by diving on top of and recovering a botched handoff  in Bears territory. Pass protection has to improve if the young QB is to progress as a pocket passer. Not to gloss over the job that Trent Williams did on Julius Peppers . He showed why he should be selected for his 2nd Pro Bowl appearance Grade:C

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Defensive Line: This unit had it's second strong showing in a row. They constantly collapsed the pocket, for the most part contained Matt Forte except for his 50 yard run after a great cutback to the open field. I can't say enough about NT Barry Cofield, since he got thal cumbersome club off of his hands he has been a force in the middle and collected a sack in the process. Jarvis Jenkins is getting in football shape and getting more reps and starting getting some push. But once again Stephen Bowen hasn't had one of those stellar games yet this season but I see slowly but surely he's getting back into 2012 form. The backups did their jobs and didn't see any drop off when they were on the field.Grade: B-

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Linebackers: This unit was a steady force this game nothing to flashy besides Brian Orakpo's first interception and pick 6 of his NFL and football career. Perry Riley Jr. is one of the more underrated ILB's in the game because he's rarely out of position and makes the plays that are in front of him. Ryan Kerrigan had a quiet game with only one tackle and an assist but his presence is always felt on the field with his relentless motor. London Fletcher played better this week but did get beat on the late TD to Martellus Bennett while staring into the backfield trying to read the quarterback. Nick Barnett got some limited action he didn't register any tackles, but seeing him on the field with the defense to me is a good sign.Grade: B+

Safeties: The steady and reliable Reed Doughty got his 2nd start at SS and had a hand "so to speak" in on Orakpo's pick 6. His sure tackling and ability to read the play and help diagnose it before it happens is a vital part to the resurgence of the defense the past three weeks. Unfortunately he got a concussion on the surprise onside kick Chicago attempted late in the game. Already spoke about Brandon Meriweather if he were in the box playing SS he wouldn't be in those positions to get those 15 yard penalties.  The 1st penalty looked to me that it was more shoulder then helmet in my opinion. With Meriweather facing a two game suspension I'm not sure where the team sits at FS going into Denver next week and hosting San Diego the following week.Grade: C+

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Cornerbacks:  The cornerbacks have been playing very well as of late and no one more then DeAngelo Hall, who for the third week in a row has faced an elite WR and has won the battle and the war. Calvin Johnson , Dez Bryant, and Brandon Marshall all are bigger and frequent targets but DeAngelo Hall only gave up one touchdown total. Very impressive by the seasoned veteran. Josh Wilson had a decent game trying to cover the Bears other big WR Alshon Jeffrey who had a quiet 100 plus yard receiving day. The rookie David Amerson is rounding into the 2nd round pick the Redskins imagined when they drafted him. Very physical, instinctive and as long as he stays discipline and be weary of the double move, he will be one of the starting cornerbacks next year.Grade: B+

In order to not sound redundant I'm not even gonna speak on the (non) special teams unit. I know everyone else is talking about so I'll leave it alone. All I will say is Keith Burns might be showing why he was a assistant special teams coach  and not the special teams coach. Special teams should win you games and give you good field position not cost you  games like they already has. With Denver Broncos coming up next this team will need to be at its best, especially special teams. Trindon Holliday of the Broncos is a game changer returning punts and kickoffs. Its bad enough you have to face Peyton Manning after a loss to his replacement but you have to contend with  Von Miller and Champ Bailey returning to the defense. If the Redskins can answer back if and when the Broncos score they will have a shot..As always #HTTR. You can follow me for all your Redskins and football news on Twitter @TattooedScorpio and can follow the editor for this blog, writer for @SonofWashington and good friend @IIWIISOWSkins and don't forget to subscribe to the blog for a email whenever a new article is posted. #BeatDaBroncos

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