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The GBU: Redskins/Cowboys

Did I surprise you with the headline?

Probably not, because while we do tend to use the occasional swear word on the site (although when I'm at home watching the Washington Redskins play, lately I curse enough to make Samuel L. Jackson blush) we try to be all around fan friendly here at SOW. But the headline says it all. This is the same stuff we've been seeing from the Redskins for this entire season. The team falls behind early because the defense falters and the offense is unable to counter anything until it's too late. Either that or the offense (or special teams) makes a key mistake and clinches the game for the opponent.
Let's cut the crap, okay?

The Redskins are currently 1-4.

They're not 3-2 (although you could argue that the Redskins had opportunities to beat both Detroit and Dallas and blew those chances).

They're not 0-5 (although had the Redskins not been gifted with facing an eventually cut QB, backup RB, FB and banged up Raiders O-line, it would have been hard for them to come back from being down 14-0).

It's not the end of the world since the 2012 Redskins came back from a 3-6 record to win the NFCE.
But the road ahead is only getting harder with the Chicago Bears and the Denver Broncos next up. The BYE week didn't seem to help things and so far the 2013 team looks like the 3-6 2012 team than the team that won seven straight. There is a good chance the 'Skins are 1-6 by the time they face San Diego.

This year is starting to feel like almost every year I've had season tickets with the exception of the 2005, 2007 and the latter part of the 2012 seasons. Honestly, you go for the tailgate - hope the Redskins pull out some type of victory, shrug your shoulders when they don't and look forward to the next tailgate. The away games are worse. Either you're irritable the rest of the day wanting to put your fist through your TV or you've become apathetic and try to find something else to do that's not football related.

Frankly, this pisses me off. And it should make you mad as well.

I want to see the team win at home, tailgating should be the bonus, the appetizer to the main course of competitive football. Our voices should be hoarse coming out of the stadium for singing Hail to the Redskins. Instead we come out of the slab of corporate concrete known as FedEx Field, listless and looking like extras from the set of The Walking Dead.
Photo: Tim Sharp/ AP     RGIII might look better on the field if he had some blocking.
Photo: Tim Sharp/ AP
RGIII might look better on the field if he had some blocking.
I expect more from Mike Shanahan than this. I really do. I'm tired of seeing questionable coaching each and every week. This includes poor clock management, getting pass happy, not making adjustments and not fielding a team that can't execute basic blocks and tackles. And I'm tired of players not executing basic plays or making a tackle. Just block somebody, anybody O-line!!!! You have two arms, wrap somebody up defense!!!!!

I'm sure the players are frustrated as well. Neither them or the fans expected this type of play from this team. So either the team really overachieved in 2012 or they have underachieved greatly  in 2013.

The Redskins have 11 weeks left to right things and try to get to a respectable level.
If they don't there will be calls for Mike Shanahan and company to be fired, 2014 free agents will be told to hit the road and the team trying to start over for the sixth time since the 2000 season.
Let's look at this week's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good

Jordan Reed (4 catches, 58 yards)- Finally we have a TE who can run fast, make clean routes, catch the ball and break tackles to get first downs.

WR corp. - Garcon had a quiet day overall and Moss had a couple of catches but nothing like his normal performance against Dallas. I was impressed by Leonard Hankerson in the few catches he made. It took a few seasons, but Hankerson is starting to look like the possession receiver that they hoped they were getting when he was drafted.

Alfred Morris (16 carries, 81 yds 1 TD)- His sole TD run of 45 yards is a thing of beauty. Maybe, that'll be the next film study article.  I still don't think Morris is touching the ball enough.

DeAngelo Hall- Dez Bryant has a pretty quiet night.  Hall is playing some of the most consistent football since he's been with the Redskins.

The Bad

Special Teams- Outside of some Forbath FGs, not much I can say about this unit other than horrible.  And had Forbath not pulled the ball on the missed FG, I think there would have been a chance that it would have been blocked.

O-line- The interior has been lousy all season in pass blocking. This week, they decided to forgo some of their run blocking as well. Chris Chester can't seem to be able to block DLs at the line of scrimmage nor can he get to Sean Lee at the second level on runs. Will Montgomery has the position on Lee during the RGIII draw run to the endzone. All he has to do is chip or get in Lee's way and it's a TD. Instead he dives at Lee and completely misses. Lee makes the tackle.

Play calling- Yes, I like the hurry up stuff from Kyle and understand that it can't be done on every play. But one thing again that I don't understand is  the deep passing calls when your O-line can't block anybody for a second.

The Ugly

Penalties- 12/104. Just a complete lack of discipline. Penalties happen in games, can't avoid them but anything over 5 generally is way too much. I could rant about some of the idiotic ref. calls in this game but that could be for another article ("blocked into the punt", I have never heard that before in the 30 plus years of watching football). This should not be a topic of conversation with the Redskins every week and yet here we are.

3rd down efficiency- Surprising good for the Redskins (50%), but Dallas is at 41% which is not good for our defense (goal is to hold a team to the 20 -30 %)
Red Zone efficiency- Here's The true ugly of this game. The Redskins were 0/3 in their three trips to the Red Zone. Dallas on the other hand were 3/4 (75%). This is unaccecptable on both sides of the ball.

Up Next: The Redskins come home to face Mike Shanahan draft picks in Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall and the Bears. Here's hoping the Redskins can start to turn the season around here.

 Cover Photo Credit: LM Otero/ AP

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