Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 8: Points, Picks and Predictions

(Love the helmet, feel bad for the fans of the team.)

This is probably the worst week on the NFL schedule this season. All three prime time games are/will be lousy (TNF: Panthers/Bucs, SNF: Packers/Vikings, MNF: Seahawks/Rams) and most of the schedule features juggernauts vs. teams that haven't played very well this season.

I actually plan to go out and try to catch up on yard work during a chunk of the day.

Anyway, picks are going to be slightly less thorough this week. Due to scheduling conflicts, Tattooed Scorpio is out this week. So it's just me making my usual weekly picks.

The question we really should start asking is who's going where in the draft? Yep, only in week 8 and I'm already looking forward to the draft. Two reasons. One is that my 'Skins aren't playing very well and I'm curious where they'll be picking (granted the Rams get the 'Skins 1st rounder in the 2014 draft). Second, is that there are some really, really bad teams out there. The Bucs, Jaguars, Giants (so far) immediately come to mind.

Next there are about a dozen teams that have been extremely mediocre. Heck, you can apply that term to almost half of the divisions in the league this year. That's why part of me hopes that the draft can bring in an infusion of talent because I'd rather see parity than mediocrity.

Onto this week's picks:

1PM Games (EST)

San Francisco @ Jacksonville (+15.0)
- I'm thinking about putting the team records on our predictions starting next week. If anything, then you the viewer can try to avoid these games. Of course, I don't watch local coverage of football unless the Redskins are playing. The rest of the time, it's Red Zone or prime time/national coverage games.

Obviously there's nothing much to say about this game as I will do for a few others this week.
Pick: 49ers

Dallas @ Detroit (-3.0)
- This may be the only game of interest if you're looking for good football this weekend. I think the key will be which team turns over the ball the most amount of times. I like Detroit at home just slightly more than I like Dallas here.
Pick: Lions

New York Giants @ Philadelphia (-5.5)
- Mike Vick is back and that is problematic for the Giants. The bigger question is how long will he last before he gets knocked out again?
I would like the Giants to win if only because it helps out my team in the standings, but I'm expecting another Eli turnover game.
Pick: Eagles

Cleveland @ Kansas City (-7.0)
- Here's the simple storyline from an NFCE perspective. Jason Campbell is starting for the Browns today. Andy Reid has had nothing but success against Jason Campbell led teams.

It will be a battle of who will check the ball down more Alex Smith or Jason Campbell (by the way, same 2005 draft class)?
I've wasted too much time already writing about this game.
Pick: Chiefs

Buffalo @ New Orleans (-10.5)
- Saints have been impossible to beat at home this season, I don't see Buffalo bringing anything to stop that.
Pick: Saints

Miami @ New England (-6.0)
- Tom Brady has driven me nuts in fantasy this year. He was my starter who I wound up benching for both Sam Bradford and Phillip Rivers. Rivers is on BYE this week, so my choices were either stick with Brady or sign turnover machine, Eli Manning. So here's hoping Brady can do enough to make me stick with him for one more week.
Pick: Patriots

4PM Games (EST)

NY Jets @ Cincinnati (-6.0)
- Hard to believe that this is probably the best game of the afternoon. Who would have thought the Jets of all teams would have a winning record?
That said, I like the Bengals here.
Pick: Bengals

Pittsburgh @ Oakland (+2.5)
- I don't know, I keep on picking against the Steelers. I'm just not sold on them and I really like Terrelle Pryor.
Pick: Raiders

Washington @ Denver (-10.5)
-The experts will tell you that last week's game for the Redskins didn't mean as much because Jay Cutler went down in the 2nd quarter. The thing is that the Redskins held Cutler and the Bears to 46 yards and a pick 6.
The Redskins play better against non-mobile QBs. And with Manning injured, he'll be non-mobile as it gets.
The key is special teams and the Redskins O.
The Problem is that I'm not sold on the STs and the O has been questionable, especially if they can't run the ball.
Denver wins but I think it'll be closer than one expects
Pick: Denver 38-31

Atlanta @ Arizona (-2.5)
-Something tells me this will be a shootout. Expect the Falcons to get a pick six but also give up a bunch of TDs through the air.
Pick: Cardinals

Sunday Night Football
Green Bay @ Minnesota (+7.5)
Hard to believe that the Vikings stink? Not really. When you don't have a franchise QB you're not going far. Even with the best RB currently in the NFL.
Pick: Packers

Monday Night Football
Seattle @ St. Louis (+11.5)
-Injuries and a inept Rams team makes this a dull game to a "why waste your time" game.
Pick: Seahawks

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