Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week six: Thursday Night Football Prediction: Giants @ Bears

(Whaddya mean I'M FIRED!? And GET OFF MY LAWN!!! Image via)
After two weeks of running too late to post predictions, I'm back (and running late again) to post my Thursday Night Football prediction as the Giants face the Bears at Soldier Field.

What we may be witnessing is the end of Tom Coughlin's run as coach of the Giants. No matter how good of a coach you are, the trend is that you team eventually falls apart and you either retire, quit (in order to coach another NFL or college team) or get fired (where you go onto coach another team or get a job as an announcer or TV personality--- YOU DON'T JUST WATCH BRIAN BILLICK's GENIUS EVERY WEEK; NOW YOU HEAR IT TOO!!!!!!).

Very few coaches go out with a BANG in their NFL career, usually it's a whimper (unless you're Marty Schottenheimer who tends to get fired when he turns a team around and they're playing well while pissing off the GM and team owner in the process) as their career ends.

So what you're witnessing is the life cycle of a NFL head coach. From hiring, to struggling, to winning and now the eventual firing/retiring you're seeing it all.

Personally, I'm not minding it that much. I respect Coughlin as a head coach but the Giants routinely beat the crap out of my team during the Gibbs 2.0 years and with Shanny as well. So I'm enjoying the misery of the Giant fans. Thanks for capgate, enjoy 0-6!

In previous weeks, I would say the Giants have a good chance because they are desperate and Coughlin teams play their best when desperate (see 2007 vs. Redskins). I'm not seeing that team. I'm seeing a team that would be on a gag reel more than a competitor.

So my pick is Da Bears.......


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