Sunday, November 24, 2013

NFL Week 12: Points, Picks and Predictions

(Me, watching football this year.)
First, a quick apology to our constant readers on the site. I haven't had time to do the weekly picks for the past few weeks because of some issues with my life not related to football. If only I could write this full time and make enough money to not have to work a job.......

Anyway, both myself and Tattooed Scorpio have been busy and its just been a hard year to watch football. The Redskins have stunk it up and to be honest, I just don't get the feeling that we're getting as many exciting and epic games that we've seen over the past five years or so.

Maybe its a lack of talent. Maybe its injures or a watering down of teams. Either way parity seems to have become parody in the NFL.

That's all I've got to say for the moment. Onto this week's games.

1PM Games (EST)

Tampa Bay @ Detroit (-8)
I don't think Detroit covers this game, but they win one at home. Expect Matt Stafford to be picked off a few times to keep this game close throughout.
Pick: Lions

Jacksonville @ Houston (-10)
Here's my first upset of the week. The Texans look like garbage and it seems like they're going to go out on a real bad note. I'm going Jaguars here for a home upset.
Pick: Jaguars

Minnesota @ Green Bay (-5)
The Packers are fading and the Vikings well, they still aren't that great. That said I think I'm going with another upset and picking the Vikings today. Crazy, Green Bay won't make the playoffs this year.
Pick: Vikings

San Diego @ Kansas City (-4.5)
This is probably the best game of the 1PM games. The Chargers are desperate and the Chiefs want to prove that they can beat good teams (granted, the Chargers aren't that great.). Arrowhead is a very tough place to play when the Chiefs are good.
Pick: Chiefs

Carolina @ Miami (+5.0)
Carolina is on a roll and Miami is spiraling out of control. I like the Panthers here easily.
Pick: Panthers

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland (-1.0)
The Factory of Sadness may be joyous today as the Browns face a mediocre Steelers team. I like the Browns here primarily because hardly anybody would expect them to beat Pittsburgh.
Pick: Browns

Chicago @ St. Louis (-1.5)
Hard to believe that the Rams are favored here. I like the Bears in another mediocre game.
Pick: Bears

NY Jets @ Baltimore (-4.0)
The Ravens are a hard team to beat at home and Geno Smith has been a turnover machine. This doesn't fare well for the Jets.
Pick: Ravens

4PM Games (EST)

Tennessee @ Oakland (+1.5)
The Raiders are again playing at a below .500 level. Meanwhile, the Titans have just enough talent left on the roster to make a last minute playoff push (not likely though). Slight edge to the Titans.
Pick: Titans

Indianapolis @ Arizona (-2.5)
Hard to believe that the Cardinals are 6-4 with the putrid play of Carson Palmer. I think the Colts will give them problems today.
Pick: Colts

Dallas @ NY Giants (-2.5)
Hmmm.... does Dallas start to lock up the NFCE or does the Giants start to flip the switch at the right time and take advantage of the Cowboys typical fade that starts in November? I think the Cowboys hold the Giants off for at least one more week.
Pick: Cowboys


Denver @ New England (+2.5)
I kind of expect another classic Brady vs. Manning shootout. If that's what it boils down to, then the Broncos win this one.
Pick: Denver


San Francisco @ Washington
Man, I'd love to say the Redskins have a chance here. And believe it or not, I think they do. However, the problem with the 'Skins all season is that they can't play 60 minutes of consistently good football. I expect the Redskins to blunder early (or start out slow). The 49ers will get a 21-0 type of lead and then the Redskins will start to comeback. But as we've seen, they won't be able to do enough. Either that or the Redskins will go up by 10 and blow the lead in the 4th quarter. Either way, I can't see them winning this one. Sorry.
Pick: 49ers 31, Redskins 17

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