Friday, November 22, 2013

Observations and Thoughts after the Redskins Vs Eagles Game


       Redskins Nation this latest loss to the Philadelphia Eagles was both sickening to watch and possibly the nail in the coffin of the post season hopes for the Redskins. Honestly I don't know which is more maddening the terrible play on the field or the negative media attention to my favorite team. I'll address the media issue a little later but the offense has been dreadful and very predictable. I'm not sure how big of a impact Jordan Reed getting hurt (concussion) had on the game plan or play calling but whatever the reason the Eagles had it figured out for most of the day. Kyle has to start going away from his tendencies and mix up his playcalling. It was said immediately after the game by Robert Griffin III that is was like the Eagles knew what plays were being called before they were called, which I agree with fully. For three quarters the Redskins looked inept and uninspired on offense and defense plus the special teams just can't get any type of positive momentum going. I believe this is a result of a combination of things that are in the teams control and few things that aren't. Some of the things that are in the teams control such as execution, penalties,clock management issues and not being able to make the play when the play is there to be made.

    In this most recent game these issues came into play along with some glaring others. The quarterback play was a big issue being that the Eagles were batting his passes and pretty much knew the plays that the offense were trying to execute. I put most of that blame on Kyle Shanahan for seemingly running the same series of play combinations that easily keyed the Eagles defense to what was coming. During my observations of the game it was a combination of zone read run, option read run and max protect PA pass. If I can see these tendencies I know a paid defensive coordinator can also. Another issue with the offense is not being able to make the play when it's there to be made. Last season whenever the Redskins needed a big play on a 4th and 10 or a 4th and goal it seemed like they always made the play, this year that is not the case. This game was no different with drop passes, blown assignments, bad play calls, and ineffective play of the QB and the offense as a whole. I stated in my last observation about the chemistry that RGIII had with Jordan Reed and Pierre Garcon, since they were practicing together during the offseason and I believe that is the major reason the offense hasn't been as crisp.RGIII's rookie season he had a chance to build chemistry with all the pieces on offense hense the balanced attack of last years offense. The other skill position players on offense that he didn't get offseason reps with haven't been in sync with the QB or the offense as a whole. As long as the 2nd year QB stays healthy and can head into the offseason fully healthy and able to participate fully in OTA's and training camp the team will show the benefits of that next season. The fact the fans and the media are questioning a 2nd year QB coming off a injury and trying to duplicate the success from last season is puzzling to me. Last season he could do no wrong and shocked the world with how big of an impact he made on the game, team and fans alike but having a last place schedule did have some factor into that also. Not making excuses for  him or this team but just  #StayingMedium and look at the situation from a strictly football perspective and not as a fan. I also had high expectations for this season but I had to look at the reality that this team has a lot of holes to fill and playing a 1st place schedule tends to showcase your weaknesses more then the strengths and not to mention the 36 million dollar cap penalty. My hope for the rest of the season is hopefully not a double digit loss season which will give the St.Louis Rams a high 1st round draft pick from compensation for the trade for the rights to RGIII.

    The defense is another whole issue in itself. Some fans and media would like to see Jim Haslett fired and I don't agree with that idea at all. I say atleast let his contract be fulfilled unlike any other coach under the ownership of Daniel Snyder. Not saying he doesn't deserve criticism and much of the blame but when you have to settle for 2nd rate players and not the players you want or believe are the pieces necessary to get the job done how can you receive a fair assessment. The defense since Haslett has been the DC has been in flux and has constantly had a lack of playmakers and talent. Just look at the fact he hasn't had a quality FS in all four years he has been here which is a key position in his 3-4 defense. I believe the core of the defense is there with the likes of Barry Cofield, Ryan Kerrigan, Brian Orakpo, DeAngelo Hall, Perry Riley Jr. and rookie David Amerson. The key now is getting playmakers around these players and watch the defense come together. It's a difficult task to improve your defense when you can't get the personnel that you need to fit your defense and scheme. The fact that the unit is filling holes with walk on talent for the past 2 seasons should be a sign that the cap penalty was and is a big issue and should be treated as such. Next season will be a big year for the defense I believe. With David Amerson showing he was worth his 2nd round pick that the team spent on him and hopefully the signing of a true veteran FS  in free agency will address alot of the issues that has slowed this secondary. The team must also address the depth on the DL and at LBs especially with London Fletcher possibly retiring at the end of the season, I'm hoping Nick Barnett maybe his replacement since Keenan Robinson can't seem to stay healthy. It's hard to go from worst to first but this team did it last season with the benefit of the schedule, a new type of QB and offense and the uncanny knack for making plays when needed or not. But last season should not make you have less patience or understanding of this team. It takes time to build a championship caliber team, just look at New England Patriots, New York Giants and the Colts (during the Peyton Manning years). It takes years to build a winning team and is very hard to maintain hopefully the Redskins can find out in the next coming seasons.

     Now to address all this media negative spin and even some of the fans now showing some negativity towards the team and most notably RGIII. I totally diagree with last weeks media storm concerning the quarterbacks comments after the game and Santana Moss's reaction to those comments. During RGIII's Wednesday press conference he explained his comments and the reactions to it. I'm not going to go back into it because I know Redskins Nation is tired of hearing it, but I will say I'm not concerned at all. He's a second year QB trying to develop his skillset in the NFL, being a team leader at the young age of 22 and he has brought back to life a franchise and fan base that has had nothing to cheer about for the last two decades plus. I know it's a "what have you done for me lately" league but cmon now it's technically a year an 10 games into his pro career and the expectations are seemingly ridiculous. Last season they couldn't get enough of the newest face of the NFL and now with some adversity and reality now there's actually a question asking "Is RGIII the problem in DC". When I saw this on a sports channel and immediately changed the channel, while laughing at this buffoonery. The one thing fans and the media have to realize is that you can not let the last two decades plus of mediocrity lessen your patience and understanding going forward into this next chapter of Redskins History. It's hilarious how fast they love you and how fast they'll throw you under the bus. I know it's the media's job to get people to watch to get ratings and get people talking but some of the stories are utterly ridiculous.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                         With the San Francisco 49ers coming to town for a Monday Night Football this week this could be a major embarrassment for the team or a major stepping stone after two back to back sub par performances. The 49ers have a stout, opportunistic defense and a equally potent offense when firing on all cylinders and they're getting healthy at the right time for them and the wrong time for their opponents. It's gonna be a tough uphill battle for the Redskins but I believe they have it in them to win this game and shut up all the negativity surrounding this team over this recent weeks. The 49ers have also had their difficulties recently also but the Redskins will have to play a FULL 60 mins in order to beat the reigning NFC Champions.As always #HTTR. You can follow me for all your Redskins and football news on Twitter @TattooedScorpio and can follow the editor for this blog, writer for @SonofWashington and good friend @IIWIISOWSkins and don't forget to subscribe to the blog for a email whenever a new article is posted. #BeatDa49ers


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