Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week 10 Thursday Night Football: Redskins/Vikings

(Image via ESPN)
So finally, I have a serious reason to watch Thursday Night Football. I have to be honest, I may have watched maybe 2-3 full games of TNF this season. Primarily because the matchups have generally been putrid and I have to admit, I enjoy watching The Big Bang Theory, Elementary and some of the other decent TV shows that come on during Thursday.

Of course I generally have to turn on the game just to get the TNF introduction. "In my city" is really a perfect song for TNF.
Smart move by NFL Network. While the song is annoyingly pop and the lyrics are equally silly, the song is catchy, upbeat and performed well by Priyanka Chopra.

So where I turn on the game just to keep up with my fantasy stats, now I'm going to watch for the 'Skins.
So how are the 'Skins going to do?

I think they can win this game if they can contain Adrian Peterson and make Christian Ponder throw a couple of picks. The Vikings are without one of their better pass catchers in Kyle Rudolph and their secondary is seriously banged up.

This could be RGIII's break out game of the season, if Kyle Shanahan runs the ball enough that he can set up the pass for the rest of the night.
There is a reason that the Vikings are 1-7 and hopefully the Redskins can exploit those faults into a victory.

Pick: Redskins 24, Vikings 16

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