Friday, March 7, 2014

FNV: True Detective, Redskins Updates and Other Stuff

It's time for another episode of Friday Night Videos. I haven't done this in awhile and frankly it's long overdue. This is a Redskins blog but it's still my blog, so I think it's time for a break while I try to punch out some more articles before the start of free agency on Tuesday.

I've become a huge fan of HBO's True Detective. If you haven't watched this show yet, you should because it fill the void of high end drama that you just don't find with most TV shows.

Anyway, the opening theme by The Handsome Family Far From Any Road is haunting and sticks with you. I've been playing the song over and over in my head for the last seven weeks since the show started.

So I went to You Tube and started looking up some of their other songs. If you like this style of music (kind of old style alt-country meets bluegrass with a morbid/depressing touch) then you're in for a treat here's another of their songs called called Weightless Again.

Update: I got a very nice Tweet from Carrot Top Records (@CarrotTopRecord) which sent me a really nice and long You Tube playlist of their greatest hits. Here it is enjoy!

Site Updates

Right now I'm in the process of updating some links to the blog roll and to find some more Redskin player sites and remove a few in the process. I'm also working on a few articles including the return of the Meaningless Mock Draft and some other stuff I do annually.

I've also decided to do a collaboration thing with my work at Son of Washington. I don't have the time to write an article here and then write content for SOW, so I've decided to write an article here and then modify the article to fit the SOW style a bit. So check out my work on both sites to see if there is any significant difference.

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