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   The Name Change Debate and My Two Cents
After winning the NFC East Title and RG III's O.R.O.Y campaign the Redskins and their name was put back in the mainstream media thus making them a target for this name change debate.

         Hail Redskins Nation!!!! It's been a LONG offseason , a LONG time since I've posted and a lot has happened since the end of the dreadful 2013 football season. There has been some good things and some not so good things happen this offseason. Let's get to the not so good first. The Shanahan Era came to a early close after a bad season on and off the field and once again this proud franchise looked like they had no idea how to run a successful operation. I don't feed into all the negative media spin put on the situation I'm just glad we have a new coach with a fresh perspective and looking like a team that is finally headed in the right direction. That leads us to the
Redskins biggest offseason acquisition DeSean Jackson
good parts of the offseason. Hiring a new coach in Jay Gruden, also naming Bruce Allen GM and President of the team, picked up a game breaking wide receiver in DeSean Jackson and in my opinion had a very productive draft. Now generally the good would outweigh the bad but then there's this #NameChangeDebate subject that is putting another dark cloud over this proud franchise and looks like it won't go away or will it... These opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. Feel free to express your opinion in the comments section or at my twitter handle @TattooedScorpio .
         Now by me being a black man living in America I understand hot button words and phrases that are meant to offend or upset certain groups of people as in the "N" word or the new "R" word. I take the stance when the "N" word comes into play that I'm not one so why am I going to take offense to that word. For the record I have been called that word a time or two before. If you've been on social media or the internet lately and  I'm sure you have, you've seen where this New Jersey woman was calling a black man the "N" word over and over again because he started his car and it startled her kids. Now he could've taken offense and retaliated and got himself in trouble but because he didn't identify himself as the N word he felt no need to go in that direction and didn't feel offended. But that's just my view of it. I just find it funny with the timing of this push for the team to change their name is right after they finally get a franchise QB, win the NFC East and once again thrust on the forefront of the NFL and sports media in general. The 20 plus years that the team has been stuck in mediocrity and spinning it's wheels there was no mention of the name change but once RGIII had the most popular jersey and revenue grew then all of a sudden this topic becomes more important to the Anti-Redskins and Congress. Somehow its more important then raising the minimum wage health care and gun control. Not to mention that one of the lawsuits the Anti-Redskins group has tried was strictly financial. The latest attempt was to strip the trademark infringement designation that is granted to all sports teams to protect their logos and likeness was thrown out. Now the only reason you try something like that is to get financial compensation not to try to change the name because it's offensive.
Offensive maybe????

     I understand that the name does cause some Native Americans a problem but it also gives some Native Americans a source of pride and we all know the saying " Can't please all the people all of the time" but how do you decide who is right or wrong. I would like to speak to some of these folks and ask them what is more offensive? The name Redskins or the Tomahawk Chop that is used as a rallying cry at the MLB's Atlanta Braves and the NCAA's Florida State Seminoles games? Is it more offensive because the Redskins make more revenue then both of those teams combined? What other teams need to change their names: Braves, Indians, Blackhawks, Seminoles ? One word has been said about these other teams changing their names. Has a poll been taken asking if some Native Americans find those depictions and names offensive? Doubt it. None of  them are the 5th highest grossing sports franchise in the world but guess who is???
Offensive or no???

  I have a few options that I believe will either solve this great debate or it will show that truly these Anti-Redskins campaigns are just about one thing and one thing only .....the money. My first suggestion is to just shorten the name to the Skins keep the logo (that's my to hell with them all response). My second suggestion has already been done by the organization, which was to start a foundation to give back to the community that the team is representing and that could definitely use the help. The response was mixed. The politicians and Anti-Redskins folks said that Daniel Snyder and the Redskins were just trying to throw money at the issue which is what they were trying to do with their lawsuit. As for the actual Native Americans that live on the reservations and that are dealing with the issues such as: no running water, no internet access, vehicles to get people to and from the doctors, proper health and medical supplies,books and educational supplies for the under funded schools etc. etc. really loved that their issues and living conditions are finally being addressed. My final solution which I think is best for everyone involved is put a Native American Museum in FedEx Field and give most of proceeds to the Native Americans. The stadium has already been approved for over 20 million dollars in upgrades for the stadium so it makes sense to do it now. By doing this the Native Americans can educate and inform all types of people that come see our beloved team play. I'm not even gonna get into why Congress is involved but I believe that my last solution would be a win win for everyone.

   Once again I state that these are my opinions and views expressed and please feel free to share your thoughts if they are the same as mine or different. Feel free to share and retweet the article. Love all your feedback, support and once again thanks for reading. As always HTTR. More articles to come with mini camp and training camp around the corner.

Let's do it again in 2014 #HTTR
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Debbie Lloyd said...

I love and agree with every word. I find it really odd they just started this again. I still await an answer about if our Redskins name is as racist as the "N" word how on earth is there high schools on reservations with Native Americans only students, staff and teachers and they selected the mascot Redskins...I wish someone could explain this to me ... because it makes no sense...geez...tell them to go away other team anywhere could be as loved and respected as our REDSKINS ... HTTR !!

@TattooedScorpio said...

Thx for your feedback and input. I would like to know the same things but this is a nation of blind followers and once they hear something and sink their teeth in they just wont let it go no matter how backwards the thinking behind it is. #HTTR4LIFE

Mark One Wolf said...

I have at one point Months ago thought about changing the name. Over the last few months I have 100% and completely cleansed my mind of that foul thought. What better name for a team that chose First Nation People to represent them with their Logo. A logo which was designed and encouraged by Natives. Ever wonder why that Logo commands so much respect? The Majority of Native people I know who are fans were drawn to the team in part or in whole by that logo. I can only speak for myself, but I am sure most if not all Native Fans would be highly offended if the Name and or Logo were changed.
We as a People have been forced to accept names that have been given to us by outsiders. I am sure anyone can learn to accept Redskins, a word that was born with the First Nation People. A word that our ancestors used for ourselves during official Negotiations and meetings with the U.S. Gov including and not limited to The President(s) of the United States. That Name and Logo sits on an NFL, internationally known, Football Team Representing Our Nation's Capital of the U.S.A. Serving as a reminder that the First Nation People are still here. NO, no other name could fully represent the first Nations than the word that was Used by Our Ancestors to Represent us to this Gov 100's of years ago.

Was the word Redskins used as a racial slur? I suppose Ignorant people can use anything to try and degrade someone else. These same ignorant people used the word Indian, Apache, Navajo, Cherokee, Etc.. These ignorant people probably use words like American Indian, Native American etc to do the same. Question is do we allow the ignorance of others to dictate to us how we live and what we are allowed to say?

Nativemrv19722 said...

This people need to go away..I believe that it is a ploy to get rid of all Native American teams in America starting with the Washington Redskins..I think the only mascot that isn't in good taste is the Cleveland Indians mascot.But you don't see this people often on there backs?!. I am not a full- blood of coarse I am only 1/8 Native American but I say it isn't racists and It is a honor to have a team that is respected as Washington Redskins are..Now I saw today this church group will protest the name in the DC and Delaware,Maryland era at games and stores that sell merchadise..The Rev admits that it won't do any good for Native problems but said it will send a message?! What kind of message? I hope people stop going to his church because he rather waste money on protest of a sports team that has nothing to do with preaching the word of God on Sundays services..

Anonymous said...

The team would have never started the name because they thought or knew it was a racial slur. I don't believe for a half second that this was the case. These Congressman fueling the fire need to be fired as there is enough to worry about with this Country than a stupid football teams name. Native Americans should be proud to be linked to a major team such as the Redskins and in fact most are. How about the school on the reservation in Arizona where they have a picture of the Redskins insignia on their school sign......guess they hate it. You know what......HAIL TO THE REDSKINS........AND HELL TO CONGRESS

Anonymous said...

Also,..........Are they going to force a change to a State name? ...... the definition .......... The state's name is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people"

Anonymous said...

I think it's a conspiracy by the Dullass Cowturd fans

@TattooedScorpio said...

Thx for all your wonderful insights and opinions on this sensitive subject. I appreciate you reading and commenting on my post. Stay tuned for more Redskins info and articles coming soon #HTTR as always

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