Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Message To The IIWII Readers

(Won't be long until we're back at FedEx)
Dear Constant Readers of IIWII,

If you've been one of the 12 or so folks who've been reading the site since day one, you've probably read some of what I'm about to write here on the blog already in the past. If you're new to the site, first, welcome and here's a brief history lesson.

In 2008, I created IIWII with the intent to do a general pop culture (Comics, TV, Movies etc.) with the occasional focus on some Redskins games and maybe sports. It was the blog of some guy who called himself "Walking Deadman" who wanted to share his takes on some things and write a review from time to time.

Less than six months later, IIWII evolved into a mostly Redskins blog with the occasional off-topic commentary or goofy music video that I'd post when I got bored (which some readers told me they hated and to get back to writing about the Redskins). From 2009-2011, IIWII peaked content-wise about the 'Skins and came up with some weekly favorites including The Meaningless Mock Draft and The GBU (Good, Bad, Ugly). IIWII was being read by people.

We even got some love from former blogger Matt Terl as he linked an article on some You Tube footage I found on a punter and a brief mention by the Washington Post on my coverage of a fight that happened in the stands at FedEx.

Along the way, we had the article explaining why the Washington Redskins are the Washington Redskins (name-wise) and where "Redskins" (at least pertaining to the football franchise) came from.

.....This was over two years before the current "name debate" hoopla and if some sports writers, media and politicians actually did their homework or read some nobody's blog then there wouldn't be much of a controversy today. Yeah, I probably just destroyed any potential media and/or political aspirations..... oh well.

In 2013, I decided to try to give myself  some more exposure by joining another website as a writer. I was contacted by Ray Smith and Kiel Maddox and asked to write for their up and coming site Son of Washington. I knew both Ray and Kiel from my ExtremeSkins days and there seemed to be a good mix of content and chemistry. I even got to interview my first Redskin, Phillip Thomas and a few other NFL players and Redskins greats while at SOW.

The great news for IIWII was that I was able to bring in fellow writer Tattooed Scorpio to help with the writing chores here while I split time between the two sites. TS has really done a wonderful job here and I'm really glad he has time to do this along with his really job and is a part of the IIWII family.

But things change. My real-job changed which now limits my time to write. Ray and Kiel left SOW to start a new site called HailBlog. And SOW continues to do great with new management and has goals to be one of the largest local media outlets in the area. I wish them all well.

I've decided to come back to where things started. I wanted to get back to my roots and share my perspective on all things Redskins as a current fan and occasional member of the media/blog community. So expect a lot more from IIWII this year as both myself and TS will be providing insight and content on your Washington Redskins.

There's a ton of places you can go to find Redskins coverage, we hope that IIWII will be one of them.
Thanks for reading.

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