Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jay Gruden: Pass Heavy or Balanced Offense?

(The word around some of the league is that Jay Gruden is a pass happy play caller and doesn't stick with the run long enough. With a workhorse type running back like Alfred Morris I believe there will be balance. But is that anything new for Jay Gruden?
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      Hail Redskins Nation!!!! We are almost a week into training camp and the first preseason game is right around the corner. With all the anticipation for this upcoming season they're also plenty of questions. One of the questions I'm going to focus on is the play calling of our new head coach while he was the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals. The hiring of Jay Gruden was met with mixed reactions around the NFL. Some said it was a good hire for the Redskins and the development of the franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III with Gruden being a ex-quarterback. Others say that he's not ready to be a head coach and have plenty of questions on how he will run the team, can he command respect from the team being such a player friendly coach, and as a coordinator was he too pass happy and abandoned the run sometimes even when it was working.

    I've went back and looked at the stats while Gruden was the offensive coordinator in Cincinnati and the results will be a shock to most. In the three years he was calling plays he ran the ball an average of 44% of the time. In 2011 he ran the ball 455 times out of 990 plays which is around 44%, in 2012 he called 430 out
Redskins Nation is hoping to see plenty of Alfred Morris's
baseball swing in 2014.
of  970 plays which equals about 44%, and in his final season with the Bengals the numbers were 481 rushes out of 1095 offensive plays and that's 43%.

Now if that isn't balance I don't know what is. I believe we will see even more balance with this offense since Alfred Morris gets stronger the more carries he receives. When the running game gets going it forces the defense to bring a eight man down in the box to try to make it harder to run.

The problem with that now is that the addition of DeSean Jackson and the NFL receptions leader from 2013 Pierre Garcon, you can not leave either one of those guys one on one on the outside. I'm very anxious to see how defenses will try to defend this potentially potent offense. For the first time in a long time the Redskins offense can dictate to the defense instead of vice versa.  That is as long as they don't fall behind early an have to play catch up and are forced to abandon the run like many times in 2013. With a Pro Bowl running back like Alfred Morris in the backfield, I'm sure Jay Gruden will have no problem calling run plays and have play calling balance.

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DeeDee said...

I like Gruden a lot ...he said it's time to make the fans proud! Love it!#HTTR

@TattooedScorpio said...

I do too. He's able to stay loose but still be an effective and a discipline coach. I think that will be a difference with this team #HTTR

kj said...

The skins should use the pass to setup the run like the 49ers did back in the mid 90s when they sucked in the run game due to injuries. It might be something to try in the preseason

@TattooedScorpio said...

tru but unlike the 49ers we do have a running game and will prolly do a little of both. depending on the opponent and matchups

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