Sunday, August 24, 2014

Initial Thoughts: Redskins/Ravens

(Photo: USA Today via CSNWashington)
It figures that the Redskins would stink it up against the Ravens.

I need to re-watch the entire game to give a fair and full re-cap.

From what I saw though it's pretty fair to say that RGIII did not have a good game yesterday. Neither did the O-Line (still apparently can't pass block).

The defense however, looked quite impressive and if Jason Hatcher can stay healthy (big if based on his injury and his age), then the Redskins may have made a nice free agent pick up.

Keenan Robinson (seen above making a key 4th and 1 tackle) is going to really help this team in pass coverage and tackling. I'll be wearing a London Fletcher jersey for many of the games this year, but Robinson is a significant upgrade to the should be Hall of Famer.

Redskin fans, please take a page from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and heed some advice from me:

The DC Metro area does love itself a quarterback competition and loves to panic when the 'Skins don't play well.

Just think about this: We thought the Redskins looked pretty good at 4-0 last year in the preseason and the team went 3-13.

There is cause for concern with the 1st team since they haven't been able to score a TD during the preseason but I'm not entirely sure that's Jay Gruden's plan. It's clear he's been testing the team with power runs and certain plays to study the team's weaknesses.

The bad news is that the team can't do certain things. The good news is that I don't think we've seen anything yet of what this team actually can do well.

There should be a new GBU up tonight but that really depends on my schedule.

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