Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Is It Finally Time For #dcrising?

Two of D.C.'s top athletes (Robert Griffin III and Marcin Gortat pictured here) having a quick conversation after the Wizards playoff game from last postseason.
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                                                                                                                                                                      Being a life long resident of the Maryland, mainly staying in P.G. county around FedEx Field I feel the pain of not having a championship team in one of the four major sports for a LONG time. I know and understand that the D.C. United has won some championships for the DMV but MLS in my opinion is not a major American sport....yet. I'm speaking of the Redskins, Wizards, Capitals, and Nationals. The Nationals are the newest to the bunch but as of right now they have the greatest chance of hoisting a trophy during a championship parade with fans screaming everywhere. Sounds good don't it. I know I've missed the championship parades. In my eyes there will be some parades coming soon. All four franchises are turning the corner or mediocrity and rebuilding to become actual competitors and hearing talk of possible championship runs now and into the future. I look at the state of Massachusetts as inspiration. Since 2000 Massachusetts (Boston)  has won at least one championship in every major sport and to me that makes it a major sports town. Washington has always been known as a football town but the recent success and playoff runs of the other three teams, D.C. has now become more of a sports town but still doesn't get the credit that we deserve. I'm gonna take a quick look at all four franchises and see how realistic is it for a championship within the next five years. Let's start with my favorite team the Redskins.

Since taking over ownership of the the team there hasn't been much
 success but with the new regime at Redskins Park they are looking
to change that.
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I'll be the first to say that Daniel Snyder was over his head when he first took over the team but he also will do anything for this team to win. With any new thing you have to live and learn and unfortunately there was a long learning curve but I believe he has finally figured it out. By hiring Bruce Allen as a general manager he finally has a true football mind running the team. With this team finally having a young franchise quarterback and running back they are  poised to build a team around those and other core pieces on this team. Finally this team is more of a destination for actual football players and not guys looking for a quick payday. The hiring of Jay Gruden I believe will help this team make it to the next level. The staff that he has assembled has a mix of veteran experience, youthful insights, and attention to detail. The additions added to this team this offseason were made to address some of the obvious issues that plagued this team last season but as we all know. You don't win football games on paper you win them on the field. This year this team has the talent, the motivation, and most of the pieces to improve on a bad 3-13 season. Not saying they're going to the Super Bowl or even making the playoffs but at 8-8 which I see as a possibility, it would be a major step in the right direction. With having a first round pick going into next year and no cap penalty going forward I see this team becoming a legitimate contender for a Super Bowl within the next five years if not sooner. #HTTR

Since bringing baseball back to D.C. its been a learning and slow
 process but the Lerner's have build a solid team that's poised to be
 good for many seasons to come.
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Baseball had been missing from the district for decades and when D.C. was finally able to get the MLB and the Montreal Expos to relocate to the city. There's been a lot of growing pains since 2005 but after rebuilding the minors and a "few" losing seasons including a 100 loss campaign they have finally come to the fun part of rebuilding.....Winning. We all remember the excitement of the 2012 season when the Nationals won the NL East and was one out away from advancing and..... I'll leave it at that. I believe this team also will be better with the hiring of a new leader. Matt Williams was a great baseball player and looks like he may be a great baseball manager also. He has handled all the pressure to win, dealing with a young superstar that has to mature as a player and a man, an ace pitcher that's struggling to find consistency and a slew of injuries to key players. Despite all of those and other issues throughout the season he still has this club in first place and looking to retake the NL East title from those pesky Braves in 2014. The minors have plenty of prospects, the team has been in the process of locking up the young talent, and the Nationals are finally drawing interest from the top free agents that wants to come here and play for a possible championship. This team has shown this season when healthy they are a hard team to beat. With that being said with the possibility of Ryan Zimmerman being back healthy by September maybe they can get HOT at the right time and make a long run to the World Series. This team hopefully will be hoisting the trophy sooner rather then later. #LetsGoNats

Ted Leonsis had built a perennial playoff contender (except for last season) in the
Capitals and looks like he's aiming to do the same with the Wizards.
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    The one lone bright spot of the D.C. sports scene for the last few years has been the Capitals. Putting up outrageous offensive numbers, winning the SouthEast division five out of six straight seasons until the realignment last season and always in the conversation of possible Stanley Cup contenders. This year the Capitals also hired a new coach and general manager with fresh approaches to help this team make it to the next level and hopefully the Stanley Cup. The hiring of Barry Trotz  and promotion of GM Brian MacLlenan was a step in a different direction but I feel right direction. Trotz being a defensive minded coach with plenty of playoff appearances and known for not being afraid of calling out his players for bad play, superstars or fourth liners. MacLlenan has been with the team for 10 years, seven of those under former GM George McPhee and already he has made moves that McPhee just couldn't find a way to pull it off.  We all knew the offseason for the Capitals would be a crucial one after not making the playoffs for the first time in seven seasons and I believe they answered the bell very well. Adding what the team actually needed....Defense and a steady backup goalie to help push and tutor Braden Holtby. They believe he is the franchise goalie they need to make a return to the playoffs and a Stanley Cup run. In this case the new coach might be the biggest boost to them finally making a sustained run to the promise land.
With the power change in the Eastern Confernce this core
could be set to surprise the NBA.
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       The last piece to #dcrising is the Wizards and the great playoff run they made last year. They have a young core of talented players and savvy veterans that know how to win and play the game the right way. Now this franchise has frustrated me to the point that I actually stopped following them after the Jerry Stackhouse trade for Richard Hamilton a few years back. Some of the decisions the front office and play on the court really upset me and I'm a loyal fan to the end. With that being said I am pleased with the recent moves and believe that this team is a prime position to make a title run. Last years success should be a sign of things to come for this franchise that had no direction for so long, but now with Ted Leonsis things seem different. With a young talented duo in the backcourt, veteran presence on the front lines and coming off the bench I think this team has the perfect combination to take this team to the playoffs and beyond. With the Wizards they have the same coach an GM returning after a good run last year but know that they have to improve in order to reach their ultimate goal of a NBA title. The team has been active in free agency and have lost a few pieces but have gained more then they've lost. As long as they can build chemistry, stay healthy and the young developmental players can shine during the season this upcoming season will be something to watch.

  I'm a hometown guy and love all my local teams and going forward I see some good times for these four teams. All four fan bases are loyal and love their team and now it's time for those teams to bless those fans for their patience, loyalty and support with good play, solid execution and hopefully within the next five years will be adding to the trophy case or hoisting for the first time a championship title like these.

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Kelli said...

#PositiveProgression applies to all our teams as #dcrising. As a Fan Base we are patient yet yearning for dividends to be paid on that patience. Well laid out and happy to RT- #SKINSTWEETTEAM & repost on FB.

Cheri said...

I was born in Fairfax, Virginia, but lived in Gaithersburg, Maryland until I was ten. I have lived in Ashburn, Virginia for the past 15 years. I grew up a Redskins fan. My passion for the Skins waned a bit when I was in college (when you're in college it's hard to focus on much outside of that town), but Redskins fans being optimistic season in and season out, despite the outcome, has always been something that I admire. I've never seen it with any other fan base. They are my favorite D.C. team, too. I picked up hockey and the Capitals near the end of 2010. I have a ton of gear now and I have done my research. I am excited about Barry Trotz AND Mitch Korn! I do not like basketball, but if anyone is going to win it all, it might as well be my hometown city of Washington, DC. In my lifetime, the Orioles were my 'hometown' team first, so I did not dump them as soon as the nationals came to town. However, I do not have a problem with the nationals, I like nationals Park very much, and I have lost count of how many games I have been to. AND DON'T COUNT OUT D.C. UNITED. Sure they had the worst season in MLS history last year, but the season before that, they were one win away from HOSTING MLS Cup! They're pretty good this season as well. They need a new stadium. They are one of the most decorated teams in all of MLS. Please support them! I absolutely LOVE when stars of one D.C. team attend the games of another and tweet about them, etc. I badly want the Capitals to win it all so I can stop hearing the 'goose egg' comments, but, out of the five major sports, football is by far my favorite, so I can't wait for another Redskins championship. I like #dcrising. #HTTR #GoCapitals #GoDCUnited

@TattooedScorpio said...

first thx for reading and commenting lol appreciate your words. im not a big basketball fan anymore so i wouldnt mind seeing the bullets/wizards winning a championship. please believe that im not hating on the DC United but not really a soccer fan. but like i said in my post its not a major sport yet. after the world cup this year im sure its gonna pick up more fans and eventually be a major sport in the US but it will take a little more time IMO

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